Official State Songs of the United States of America

Every state in the United States has adopted an official state song. Some of the states have changed their state songs over times, but most of them have kept the same song since they adopted it. These state songs provide an interesting view into the history of each state and what type of environment the

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American Spirituals

What are American Spirituals? American spirituals are worship songs, hymns, and music written to honor and praise God. Many of these pieces of music are historical and cherished today for not only their message but also their musical brilliance. American spirituals, also known as Negro spirituals, are a genre of songs that originated in the

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Ragtime Piano Music

What is Ragtime Piano Music? Ragtime piano music is genre of music that often has syncopated melody lines and well accented accompaniments. This style of piano playing started in the 1890s by African American musicians. It made a profound impact on popular music in its day and still can be heard today. Ragtime piano music,

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Naval Songs

What are Naval Songs? Naval songs have played an important role in US Navy history as well as US military history. Naval music is traditionally patriotic in nature and often expresses the anguish of sailor while displaying his loyalty to the country and his duty. Naval songs, also known as sea shanties or sailor songs,

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Folk Songs

What are Folk Songs and Folk Music? Folk songs and folk music has played an important role in popular music not just in America, but throughout the world. Folk songs are a genre of music deeply rooted in the cultural traditions and experiences of a community or nation. Often passed down orally through generations, these

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Blues Music

What is Blues Music? Blues music has a rich history in America. With its roots deeply fixed in culture and the struggles of its time, blues music has shown how music can be used to express emotions with or without words. Blues music is a genre deeply rooted in African American history and culture, arising

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Minstrel Songs

What is a Minstrel Song? Minstrel songs were written in the mid-1800s to accompany the minstrel shows for entertainment. These shows were meant to present comedic sketches in the form of plays and musicals. Today, they are most known for the racist connotations and appearance of blackface actors and singers in the musicals. These works

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Popular American Hymns of the 18th and 19th Centuries

There are numerous popular American hymns that have shaped culture and worship in the United States. On this page, we dive into the different types of American hymns to show their significance and better understand the meaning behind them. American Hymns from 1700-1899 According to research done by many different scholars and organizations, we’ll split

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Barber Shop Ballads

What Are Barber Shop Ballads? Barbershop ballads are a distinctive style of music traditionally performed by a cappella quartets. This style, deeply rooted in American musical tradition, is known for its rich harmonies, sentimental melodies, and emotive delivery. It emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and remains popular in contemporary times, celebrated

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