What Is Figured Bass? A Complete Music Theory Guide

Figured bass, also known as “basso continuo” or simply “continuo,” is a musical notation system that flourished during the Baroque era (approximately 1600-1750). This system plays a crucial role in understanding Baroque music’s harmonic structure and performance practice. It represents a foundational element of Western music theory, bridging the gap between composition and improvisation. This

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What is Binary Form: A Complete Music Theory Guide

Binary form, a structural framework in music composition, is foundational in the realm of Western classical music and beyond. Characterized by its two contrasting sections, labeled A and B, binary form offers composers a concise yet versatile template for musical expression. This article delves into the nuances of binary form, exploring its history, characteristics, and

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What Are Augmented Chords? A Complete Music Theory Guide

In the colorful world of music theory, augmented chords hold a special place for their distinctive sound and their ability to add tension, drama, and a sense of movement to a piece of music. These chords, though less common than their major and minor counterparts, play a crucial role in creating emotional depth and harmonic

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Best YouTube Channels To Learn Music Theory For Free

Navigating the vast world of music theory can be both exhilarating and daunting for musicians of all levels. Whether you’re a budding composer, an aspiring musician, or simply someone with a keen interest in understanding the mechanics behind music, finding the right resources to guide your learning journey is crucial. In the digital age, YouTube

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What is Tempo in Music? – A Complete Music Theory Guide

Tempo, in the realm of music, acts as the backbone of composition and performance, dictating the speed at which a piece is played. It’s the heartbeat of music, setting the pace for melodies to unfold and rhythms to pulse. This guide dives deep into the concept of tempo, exploring its significance, variations, and how it

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15 Popular Songs In The Lydian Mode

The Lydian mode, with its dreamy, ethereal quality, has been a source of inspiration for many songwriters and composers across various genres. In this article, we explore Famous Songs Written in Lydian Mode, showcasing how this unique scale has left its mark on some of the most memorable pieces in music history. From the ethereal

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15 Popular Songs In The Dorian Mode

The Dorian mode, with its hauntingly beautiful and slightly melancholic sound, has been a favorite among composers and songwriters across various genres. In this article, we’ll explore the enchanting realm of songs written in the Dorian mode, a musical mode that has intrigued composers and songwriters across genres, from the haunting ballads of folk tradition

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What is the Mixolydian Mode: A Complete Music Theory Guide

In the rich tapestry of musical modes that have colored compositions across genres and epochs, the Mixolydian mode holds a distinctive place. Known for its spirited, bluesy character, the Mixolydian mode weaves a complex harmonic texture that has been a cornerstone in the development of Western music, from the folk tunes of ancient times to

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What is the Lydian Mode: A Complete Music Theory Guide

The Lydian mode, with its ethereal and uplifting qualities, occupies a fascinating niche in the tapestry of musical modes. Originating from ancient Greece, it has journeyed through centuries, finding its place in the realms of jazz, rock, classical music, and film scoring. This guide explores the Lydian mode, shedding light on its structure, historical context,

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What is the Locrian Mode: A Complete Music Theory Guide

In the landscape of musical modes, the Locrian mode stands out as the most enigmatic and least utilized. Characterized by its diminished fifth and minor second intervals, the Locrian mode occupies a unique space in music theory and composition, offering a sound that is both intriguing and challenging. This comprehensive guide delves into the Locrian

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