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guitar-tricks-reviewIn this Guitar Tricks review, we will look at the guitar lessons, learning platform, and features, so you can decide if this is the right guitar training course for you.

Guitar Tricks is available on the world-wide-web since 1998 – and it holds its place on the throne among guitar-learning website platforms since then.

Guitar Tricks specializes in beginner lessons, intermediate, and advanced lessons. Guitar players coming from any kind of background can benefit from Guitar Tricks. All of the popular genres for playing guitar are covered with lessons and courses up there. You can learn a bunch of different playing styles and techniques with Guitar Tricks – all you need to do is follow the instructors carefully and practice.

On the site, you’ll find a big number of high-quality lessons, all of them made by some of the best guitar teachers in the world. On you can find every single thing that you need as a guitar student.

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GuitarTricks Website Format

Guitar Tricks is a platform designed to fit the needs of a guitar student, not a computer programmer. It is a very easy-to-use platform, where you can concentrate on your guitar playing, without wasting time learning the site. As soon as you enter the site, you will encounter a dropdown Menu, from which you can access all of the things that this site offers.

The lessons are designed with a guitar student in mind too – the video lesson is centered in the window, while the tab is on the right. Below each video, there’s other useful information, so you can understand the guitar lesson, without scratching your head too much.

Guitar Courses

At Guitar Tricks, there are four sections that you can jump on to, depending on what your interests and levels of playing are:

  • Beginner Lessons
  • Experienced Lessons
  • Learn to Play Songs
  • Learn Styles of Guitar

Every Guitar Tricks course is divided into chapters that contain video lessons from an instructor teaching you the technique, style, or song in a step-by-step manner. Finishing a course, if you follow the lessons strictly, and you practice, it is guaranteed that you will level up your playing.

Now, you can even get one-on-one lessons at Guitar Tricks – but they are subject to an additional cost.

Types of Guitar Lessons

The beginner guitar lessons at Guitar Tricks are held by Lisa McCormick – unlike the most of other guitar-learning platforms, where there are a ton of different guitar instructors teaching the same beginner techniques, at Guitar Tricks you will be taught all of the things you need to know from this one instructor. At Guitar Tricks, for beginners and intermediate players, there is the “Core Learning System”, which is a system that takes you on a step-by-step guitar-learning journey. It is recommended for beginners and intermediate players to take this system seriously, and follow it strictly.

P.S. Lisa is a great instructor!

At you will also find a big song lessons list – there are more than one thousand song lessons on the site!

For experienced players there is a ton of lessons content at Guitar Tricks – up there you can learn how to play all of the guitar playing styles: Acoustic, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, Funk, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Rockabilly, Surf, and World

Also for experienced players, there are these sections:

  • Practice lessons
  • Technique Lessons
  • Scale lessons
  • Artist Studies
  • Gear and Tone lessons
  • Chord Lessons

Video Guitar Lessons

At you’ll find a big list of video guitar lessons – in fact, there are more than eleven thousand video lessons. Every lesson on Guitar Tricks is filmed with a multiple-camera setup, in high-resolution.

The video player is great, and it has all the features that make guitar learning a joy – for example, there is the speed feature, that doesn’t annoyingly alter the audio pitch of the video, there is an easy to use “looper feature” so you can loop a certain part of the video, and there is an option to lower the resolution of the video.

On some of the lessons, you can find an auto-scrolling tab on the video lesson. On the lessons that don’t have that feature, there is tablature under the video.
Also under the video, you will find additional information concerning the lesson, and where relevant –lyrics.

Guitar Tricks Instructors

Guitar Tricks has over 30 highly qualified guitar instructors to learn from. There is a reason why there are over three million subscribers on this site – the instructors are definitely the best guitar instructors in the world. Every instructor is different and has his or her own unique teaching style, and you can learn different things from every instructor.

The instructors at Guitar Tricks are usually very successful in the music business – all of them have been playing guitar professionally for decades, they’ve toured, and they have been working as studio musicians for a lot of popular artists. Besides that, all of them appear to be very friendly, which is a very important characteristic found in a guitar instructor, or any kind of instructor.

Songs, Backing Tracks, & Guitar Genres

Guitar Tricks has some great lessons made especially for beginners – they are either really easy songs, or songs made easy so a beginner can play them. This is very good because we all know that as beginners we all wanted to play our favorite tunes.

On the platform, you’ll find more than seven hundred songs, which is a terrific number. Pretty much all of the song lessons at are full “note-for-note” song lessons, and most of the genres are covered.

However, you can’t find guitar lessons for a lot of popular songs on the platform – one of the reasons for that is the fact that there are artists who have exclusive contracts with other guitar-learning platforms. However, those artists that are not covered are usually covered with the “In the style of” lessons – these cover the playing style of artists that can’t be covered with lessons on the site due to their contracts.

Each song lesson has a “play along” track (backing track) at the end, that will help you master the song you’ve just learned. Apart from that, there are more than a thousand guitar backing tracks on Guitar Tricks that you can play to as soon as you subscribe to the program.

Guitar Tricks Price & Costs

There are two subscriptions available at Guitar Tricks – you can pay monthly or annually. The monthly subscription costs $19.95, while the annual subscription costs $179.

If you are not sure if you want to subscribe to this platform, you can get a taste of it for fourteen days with the fourteen-day free trial that this platform offers. There is also the “SAVE20” code, with which you’ll get a 20% discount for your first payment.

Extra Features

Being one of the most popular online guitar-learning platforms, Guitar Tricks, of course, has a good number of extra features. For example, there is a Guitar Tricks app for Android and iOS devices. Then, there are the guitar learning tools and features like:

  • Scale Finder
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Fretboard Trainer
  • Metronome
  • Guitar Glossary
  • Chord Charts

Also, at you’ll find one of the biggest forums that discuss guitars and guitar playing, and a “News Page” that covers all of the new and interesting things that come up concerning guitars… Almost we forgot to talk about Guitar Tricks huge following on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Each have a good number of free video lessons.


We recommend Guitar Tricks as one of the go-to online platforms for learning guitar. Why? Because it has tons of content for every level of a guitar player, it is affordable, easy-to-use one, and really, every player on planet Earth can benefit from it.

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