Naval Songs

What are Naval Songs?

Naval songs have played an important role in US Navy history as well as US military history. Naval music is traditionally patriotic in nature and often expresses the anguish of sailor while displaying his loyalty to the country and his duty.

Most Famous Naval Songs in US History

This list of naval songs was originally compiled by S.B. Luce in his book, Naval Songs: A Collection of Original, Selected, and Traditional Sea Songs, Songs of Sailors and Shanties

Song TitleSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: MusicYear Written
My Country! 'Tis of TheeDr. Samuel Francis SmithHenry Carey1832
The Star-Spangled Banner John Stafford SmithFrancis Scott Key1814
Comrades, Join the Flag of Glory AnonymousAnonymous1813
Hail! ColumbiaJoseph HopkinsonJoseph Hopkinson1798
God Save Our President Harrison MillardHarrison Millard1800s
The Flag of the ConstellationT. Buchanan Reed Sparkling and Bright1861
The American FlagJoseph Rodman DrakeMelody: Bellini1800s
The Red, White and BlueThomas a Becket Sr.Thomas a Becket Sr.1843
The Banner of the Stars Capt. R. W. RaymondCapt. R. W. Raymond1863
Ye Seamen of Columbia AnonymousAnonymous1813

Popular Shanty Songs of the US Navy

  • Haul the Bowline
  • Haul Away, Joe
  • Johnny Boker
  • For ‘Rousing up’ the Bunt of a Sail
  • Reuben Ranzo
  • Sally Brown
  • John François
  • My Tommy’s Gone a High-Low
  • Blow, My Bully Boys, Blow
  • Liverpool Jack
  • Whiskey Johnny
  • Oh! They Call Me Hanging Johnny
  • So Handy, My Boys, So Handy
  • Poor Old Man
  • Knock a Man Down
  • Rio Grande (A Windlass Sons)
  • Shandore
  • Sometimes We’re Bound for England
  • Lowlands
  • A-Roving
  • Let the Bulgine Run
  • Santa Anna
  • Old Storm Along
  • It’s Time for Us to Leave Her
  • Homeward Bound
  • The Black Ball Line
  • Paddy, Come Work on the Railway



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