Late 1800s Music from 1866-1899

Here is a list of popular post Civil War songs and music in the late 1800s. This music was written from 1866-1899. Some are classical in nature and some are simple songs and melodies that were popular at the time.

Music from the Late 1800s

Song TitleSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: MusicYear Written
A Nation's OrphansA Lady of KentuckyP. G. Anton1866
Champagne CharlieH. J. WhymarkAlfred Lee1867
Adolphus Morning GloryJ. B. Murphy, of St. LouisDavid Braham1868
Fannie Powers (Song & Dance)Eddie FoxEddie Fox1869
Birds in the Night (Lullaby)Lionel H. LewinArthur Seymour Sullivan1870
Daughters of Freedom! The Ballot Be YoursGeorge CooperEdwin Pearce Christie1871
Bedouin SongBayard TaylorAlfred Humphries Pease1872
Coming Down the StairEdith MooreVioletta1873
I Want to See Mama Once MoreGeorge CooperEdward Mack1874
Buck Skin SamCharles Albert WhiteCharles Albert White1875
America and France!George CooperHarrison Millard1876
Down by the MillFrank DumontEddie Fox1877
De Gospel RaftFrank DumontFrank Dumont
Arrangement: Charles Baker
Around the World for GrantCol. H.B. CarringtonHenry Scott Thompson1879
Cradle's Empty, Baby's GoneHarry KennedyHarry Kennedy1880
Come Along SinnersM. H. RosenfeldM. H. Rosenfeld1881
Where the Lindens BloomFrancis BennochDudley Buck1882
Gim Me Dat Sweet Water-MelonFrederick LyonsFrederick Lyons1883
Beneath the Dear Old Flag AgainThomas P. WestendorfThomas P. Westendorf1884
Bessie, My Wife, and IA. S. SweetA. S. Sweet1885
McCracken's Dancing SchoolPhilip RossiterPhilip Rossiter1886
Home Protection SongJohn M. FordenEva Munson Smith1887
The Convict and the BirdPaul DresserPaul Dresser1888
Four Little Curly Headed CoonsJames W. WheelerJames W. Wheeler1889
Little Annie RooneyMichael NolanMichael Nolan1890
Little Boy Blue (Op. 12, No. 4)Eugene FieldEthelbert Woodbridge Nevin1891
Sleep Little PigeonEugene FieldClark Wright Evans1892
Dear Old GirlRichard Henry BuckTheodore F. Morse1893
Jus' a-ListenW. R. KaharlB. M. Davision1894
My Baby Boy's Picture That Hangs on the WallWill H. BrayWill H. Bray1895
Down on de Banks ob de Mississippi RibberR. A. BrowneCharles Coleman1896
Asleep in the DeepArthur J. LambHenry W. Petrie1897
Cinderella WhiteEvelyn BloomGeorge Haywood1898
Hello! Ma BabyJoseph E. HowardIda Emerson1899

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