American Civil War Music

civil-war-musicAmerican Civil War music is some of the most emotional and gripping art of the 19th century. The music of the Civil War era captures the trying times that torn a young nation apart.

These songs and hymns reflect the feelings of the nation as brother was pitted against brother in the fight to keep the nation united.

Civil War music is some of the most compelling of any musical era. It expresses the tragedy of the day while providing hope for the future.

On this page, we’ll check out some of the most popular and well-known musical works of the civil war, so you can better understand this era.

Music of the Civil War

Here is a chronological list of Civil War Music that not only impacted modern music but also impacted the fate of the war itself.

Civil War Music in 1861

SongSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: Music
A Nation's Trust in GodMiss Cynthia BullockArrangement by S. Lasar
A National LyricRichard S. WillisGeorge J. Huss
Adieu!! to the Star Spangled Banner for EverElla D. ClarkJ. R. Boulcott, Op. 41
Alice Where Art Thou?Wellington GuernseyJoseph Ascher
All Hail to the Flag of FreedomWilliam W. SkaatsMelody: William W. Skaats
Trio: S. Knaebel

Civil War Music in 1862

SongSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: Music
A Cheer for the WestPark BenjaminRev. J. L. Lower
A Cypress Wreath for LancashireAnonymousWilliam Downing Evans
A Mother's PrayerLuigi MercantiniOtto Sutro
All Forward! (Garibaldi's Hymn)C. M. SawyerAlessia Olivieri,
Arrangement: Pasquale Rondinella
All Hail to the Day (Patriotic Song)J. Gordon EmmonsW. Williams

Civil War Music in 1863

SongSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: Music
'63 Is the Jubilee J. L. GreeneD. L. French
A Prayer for PeaceAnonymousOtto Sutro
A Prayer for the AbsentMiss Helene OsgoodJames Gaspard Maeder
A Toast to New YearJ. M. SwiftJ. H. Ross
Abraham My AbrahamWilliam K. O'DonoughueArrangement: Charles G. Degenhard

Civil War Music in 1864

SongSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: Music
A Tear for the Comrade That's GoneCapt. T. F. WinthropA. J. Abbey
About to Die, They Salute TheePrivate Miles O'ReillyE. G. B. Holder
Abraham's DaughterAnonymousArrangement: F. H. G. Oldfield
Abraham the Great and General Grant His Mate AnonymousT. Brigham Bishop
Abraham's Tea Party John Hugh McNaughtonJohn Hugh McNaughton

Civil War Music in 1865

SongSongwriter: WordsSongwriter: Music
A Hero Has FallenSergt. J. A. WilsonJ. R. King, Lieut. 6th Regt. Conn. Vols.
A Hymn to Peace, or Prayer for PeaceA Lady of New OrleansEugene Bischoff
A Gloom Is Cast O'er All the Land! Henry SchroederHenry Schroeder
A Grant SongEugene BatchelderW. H. S.
A Mother's Last PrayerInstrumentalGeorge A. Mietzke


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  1. What happened to this site??? I used to go on pdmusic and there was a list of dozens, even hundreds, of songs by George Frederick Root alone, to say nothing of other songwriters, and a good chunk of them had links to the lyrics and midi files. Now for the entire civil war era there are 25 songs by various composers on one page and 37 songs on another, and there are no links to midi files, no links to lyrics, and no way to find any list of songs written by a particular composer. It’s like everything I loved about pdmusic just evaporated. Can someone tell me why exactly this upsetting change happened?

    1. Hi Isaac,

      Thanks for the comment. We are in the process of updating the website. Please hang on while we get all of the resources updated and listed. Sorry for the delay. This process takes time. 🙂

      1. Oh, phew.? I’m very glad to hear that. I thought this was a permanent thing. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for the traditional folk music world!

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