Folk Songs

Title Words Country
All the Pretty Little Horses anon. America
All Through the Night [1784] anon. Welsh
Asavari none India
Away Rio anon. America
Aye, Wakin, O! anon. Scotland
Bali Gamelan Gong Kebyar none Bali
Barbara Allen (arr. by G. A. Macfarren, ca. 1860s) anon., 1740 Scotland
Battle of Wilson Creek [Oak Hills] [fought on 10 Aug 1861] anon. America
Berceuse Haitienne (ca. 1860s) anon. Haiti
Bilaval none India
Black Is the Color anon. America
Black Sheep anon. America
Careless Love anon. America
Chik Mamat anon. Far East
Cripple Creek anon. America
Dancing Quadrilles anon. America
De Titanic anon. America
Dance of the Mother Goddess anon. Gujarat west India
Down Along the Volga River anon. Russia
Drum Song anon. India
Frankie and Johnny anon. America
Gambangan none Bali
Gaza Lion none Africa
Grammaw's in the Cellar anon. America
He's Gone Away anon. America
It's a Rosebud In June anon. England
Jesse James [circa 1882] anon. America
John Barleycorn anon. England
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier anon. America
King of the Fairies anon. Ireland
Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight anon. Nova Scotia
Lenggang Kangkung anon. Far East
Lovin' Hannah anon. America
Medley of 14 Bird Songs none America
Mwana Wange anon. Uganda
My Big Black Dog (English Play Song) anonymous England
Naa Yanga anon. Africa
Ndereje none Africa
Norfolk Gals anon. America
On My Journey Home anon. America
On Top of Old Smokey anon. America
Peter Gray anon. America
Polly Wolly Doodle anon. America
Poor Wayfaring Stranger anon. America
Quantrell anon. America
Red River Valley anon.; based on In the Bright Mohawk Valley of the 1890s America
Rye Whisky anon. America
Sailing in the Boat [1883] anon. America, England, Bahamas
Santa Claus (No. 48, from No. 7. 140 Folk Songs [1922] Nathan Haskell Dole, [1852-1935] America, Germany
She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain anon. America
Shenandoah anon. America
Sobre las Olas (Over the Waves) Juventino Rosas, 1868-1894 (1888) Mexico
Springtime Blossom anon. Bulgaria
Sweets of May anon. Ireland
The Black Ball Line anon. America
The Fourth of July [1922] Germany
The House Carpenter anon. America
The Hunters of Kentucky Samuel Woodsworth (1826) Tune: Miss Bailey's Ghost (England)
The Little Old Sod Shanty anon. America
The Maid of Leko anon. Germany
The Needle's Eye (aka Through the Needle's Eye, Boys or Through the Needle) anon. British
The Riddle Song anon. England
The Streets of Laredo, or, The Cowboy's Lament anon. America
The Texas Rangers (c.1835) anon. America
The Way of Life anon. Bengal, India
The Winter It Is Past anon. Tune: Johnson's Museum (Scotland)
The Wabash Canonball anon. America
Three Blind Mice anon. England
Where Are the Happy Dreams of Childhood anon. Germany
Wicked Polly anon. America
Zira Zira anon. Africa

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