27 Popular Songs About May that Will Brighten Your Spring Month

songs-about-mayThe month of May, with its blooming flowers and warming temperatures, symbolizes renewal, growth, and the joyous return of spring. It’s a time when the world seems to come alive, making it a popular subject for musicians across genres.

From nostalgic ballads to energetic rock anthems, songs about May capture the essence of this vibrant month, reflecting themes of love, change, and the beauty of nature.

In this article, we explore a collection of popular songs that celebrate the month of May, each offering a unique musical perspective on the emotions and experiences that this special time of year brings.

27 Most Popular Songs About the Month of May Ever Written


Here is a list of the most well-known songs about May and the season of Spring:

#1 “First of May” by Bee Gees

“First of May,” released by the Bee Gees in 1969, is a tender ballad reflecting on the passage of time and the innocence of childhood. The lyrics, “When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall, we used to love while others used to play,” evoke nostalgic memories of youthful days.

The title “First of May” symbolizes a time of new beginnings and marks significant life events. Barry Gibb’s heartfelt vocals, coupled with the song’s orchestral arrangement, create a melancholic yet beautiful atmosphere. This song poignantly captures themes of growth, change, and the bittersweet nature of memories, making it a timeless classic.

#2 “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton

“First of May” by Jonathan Coulton is a humorous and explicit song celebrating the arrival of spring with adult-themed content. Released in 2003, the song’s playful lyrics and folk-rock melody contrast with its risqué subject matter, creating a lighthearted and irreverent tone.

Coulton uses the “First of May” as a metaphor for freedom and renewal, encouraging listeners to embrace spontaneity and fun. Known for his witty and nerdy songwriting style, Coulton’s “First of May” has become a cult favorite for its cheeky take on seasonal celebration. The song’s comedic approach highlights the joy and liberation associated with the spring season.

#3 “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart

“Maggie May,” released by Rod Stewart in 1971, is a rock song telling the story of a young man’s bittersweet romance with an older woman named Maggie May. The lyrics, “Wake up, Maggie, I think I got something to say to you,” convey a mix of regret and affection as the protagonist reflects on the emotional impact of the affair.

Stewart’s raspy vocals and the song’s folk-rock instrumentation, featuring a memorable mandolin solo, create a heartfelt and relatable narrative. “Maggie May” explores themes of love, loss, and the lessons learned from youthful indiscretions, making it one of Stewart’s most enduring hits.

#4 “May It Be” by Enya

“May It Be,” released by Enya in 2001, is a hauntingly beautiful song composed for the soundtrack of the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The lyrics, “May it be an evening star shines down upon you, may it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true,” convey a message of hope, guidance, and perseverance.

Enya’s ethereal vocals and the song’s serene orchestration create a mystical and comforting atmosphere. “May It Be” reflects themes of light overcoming darkness and the strength to continue on a difficult journey, resonating deeply with listeners and fans of the film.

#5 “The Lusty Month of May” from the Musical Camelot

“The Lusty Month of May,” from the musical Camelot, is a lively and whimsical song celebrating the arrival of spring. Sung by the character Guinevere, the lyrics, “It’s May! It’s May! The lusty month of May! That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray,” highlight the playful and carefree spirit of the season.

The song’s upbeat tempo and cheerful melody capture the joy and excitement associated with May, a time traditionally linked to fertility and renewal. “The Lusty Month of May” adds a touch of humor and merriment to the musical, emphasizing the enchantment and exuberance of springtime.

#6 “May Day” by Unwritten Law

“May Day” by Unwritten Law, released in 2002, is a punk rock song addressing themes of urgency and rebellion. The lyrics, “We are the generation of the world that’s fading fast, a desperate situation that’s just left us in the past,” convey a sense of disillusionment and a call to action.

The term “May Day” traditionally signifies a distress signal, adding to the song’s sense of urgency and need for change. With its driving rhythm and impassioned vocals, “May Day” captures the frustration and determination of a generation seeking to make a difference. The song’s energetic delivery and socially conscious message resonate with listeners looking for empowerment and motivation.

#7 “Queen of May” by Eastmountainsouth

“Queen of May” by Eastmountainsouth, released in 2003, is a folk-inspired song that captures the essence of spring and renewal. The lyrics, “Awake, awake, oh lovely Queen of May, for I have come to take you away,” celebrate the beauty and vitality of the season.

The song features soothing harmonies and gentle acoustic instrumentation, creating a tranquil and uplifting mood. “Queen of May” evokes imagery of nature’s rebirth and the joyous feelings that come with the arrival of spring. The song’s delicate arrangement and poetic lyrics make it a captivating tribute to the month of May and the renewal it symbolizes.

#8 “First of May” by James Taylor

“First of May” by James Taylor is a gentle and reflective song that evokes the beauty and serenity of springtime. Taylor’s soothing voice and acoustic guitar create an intimate atmosphere, perfect for capturing the essence of the season.

The song’s lyrics, filled with imagery of blooming flowers and new beginnings, celebrate the simplicity and rejuvenation that comes with the first days of May. Taylor’s ability to paint vivid pictures with his words and melodies makes “First of May” a heartfelt tribute to the month, embodying themes of growth, renewal, and the peaceful transition from winter to spring.

#9 “May 16” by Lagwagon

“May 16” by Lagwagon, released in 1997, is a punk rock anthem that reflects on personal growth and unresolved feelings. The song’s lyrics, “It’s just another Saturday,” mention the significance of the date and hint at an emotional milestone or event that occurred on May 16.

With its fast-paced rhythm and raw energy, “May 16” captures the essence of punk’s introspective yet rebellious spirit. The song’s narrative about dealing with change and the passage of time resonates with listeners who have experienced similar moments of reflection and transition, making it a standout track in Lagwagon’s discography.

#10 “One Morning in May” by James Taylor

“One Morning in May,” performed by James Taylor, is a gentle folk song that celebrates the tranquility and beauty of a spring morning. The lyrics, “One morning, one morning, one morning in May, I spied a young couple, they were making their way,” set a scene of peaceful observation and storytelling.

Taylor’s soothing vocals and the song’s simple acoustic arrangement create an intimate, pastoral atmosphere. The song captures the essence of May as a time of renewal and natural beauty, reflecting on the joys and simple pleasures of life. It’s a serene and contemplative piece that resonates with the timeless themes of spring.

#11 “May I” by Trading Yesterday

“May I” by Trading Yesterday, released in 2004, is a poignant and emotional ballad that delves into themes of love, longing, and vulnerability. The lyrics, “May I hold you as you fall to sleep, when the world is closing in and you can’t breathe,” express a deep desire to offer comfort and support to a loved one.

David Hodges’ soulful vocals and the song’s delicate piano melody create an intimate and heartfelt atmosphere. The use of “May” in the title adds a layer of tenderness and politeness, emphasizing the plea for connection and intimacy. This song beautifully captures the essence of offering solace and unwavering support in times of need.

#12 “The Month of May” by Arcade Fire

“The Month of May” by Arcade Fire, released in 2010 on their album The Suburbs, is an energetic rock song that captures the restlessness and urgency of youth. The lyrics, “The month of May, it’s a violent thing,” juxtapose the beauty of spring with a sense of chaos and change.

The song’s driving rhythm and raw guitar riffs reflect the intensity and fervor of the band’s performance. “The Month of May” explores themes of rebellion, change, and the passage of time, making it a powerful anthem for those experiencing the turbulence and excitement of life’s transitions.

#13 “Flowers in May” by Joan Baez

“Flowers in May” by Joan Baez is a beautiful folk song that reflects on the cyclical nature of life and the arrival of spring. The lyrics, “With flowers in May, the snow will melt away,” use the imagery of blooming flowers to symbolize renewal and hope. Baez’s clear, emotive voice and the song’s gentle acoustic arrangement create a serene and reflective atmosphere.

The song captures the essence of May as a time of rebirth and new beginnings, celebrating the beauty of nature and the promise of warmer days ahead. Baez’s timeless performance adds depth and emotion to this ode to spring.

#14 “Fourth of May” by Lemon Demon

“Fourth of May” by Lemon Demon, released in 2016, is a quirky and whimsical song that blends elements of indie pop and electronic music. The lyrics playfully reference the date and its significance to fans of the Star Wars franchise (“May the Fourth be with you”). Neil Cicierega’s imaginative storytelling and the song’s catchy melody create a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.

While the song primarily celebrates Star Wars Day, it also captures the spirit of fandom and the joy of celebrating cultural phenomena. “Fourth of May” is a testament to the creativity and humor of Lemon Demon’s music, making it a delightful addition to any May-themed playlist.

#15 “Lovely May” by Lightnin’ Hopkins

“Lovely May” by Lightnin’ Hopkins is a classic blues song that captures the warmth and beauty of the month of May. The lyrics, “Lovely May, she brings the flowers and the rain,” reflect the dual nature of the season, with its mix of sunshine and showers. Hopkins’ smooth, soulful vocals and intricate guitar work create a laid-back and soothing atmosphere.

The song celebrates the arrival of spring and the renewal it brings, with a focus on the simple pleasures of life. “Lovely May” is a testament to Hopkins’ skill as a storyteller and musician, capturing the essence of the season through his bluesy, heartfelt performance.

#16 “May the Fourth Be With You” by James Coffey

“May the Fourth Be With You” by James Coffey is a playful and celebratory song dedicated to Star Wars Day, which is observed on May 4th. The title is a pun on the famous Star Wars phrase, “May the Force be with you.” The song’s lyrics pay homage to the beloved sci-fi franchise, referencing iconic characters and themes from the series.

Coffey’s cheerful and engaging musical style, often aimed at children and families, makes this song a fun and lighthearted tribute to the cultural phenomenon. The track captures the excitement and joy of fandom, making it a perfect anthem for Star Wars enthusiasts celebrating on May 4th.

#17 “On a May Morning” by Myrkur

“On a May Morning” by Myrkur, released in 2017, is a hauntingly beautiful folk song that evokes the serene and mystical atmosphere of a spring morning. The lyrics, sung in a delicate, ethereal voice, reflect the peace and renewal that come with the dawn of May.

Myrkur, known for blending elements of black metal with traditional folk music, uses minimalistic acoustic instrumentation to create an intimate and contemplative sound. The song captures the essence of nature’s awakening in May, emphasizing themes of tranquility, rebirth, and the beauty of the natural world. “On a May Morning” is a meditative piece that invites listeners to connect with the serene moments of spring.

#18 “You Made Me Love You” by Patsy Cline

While “You Made Me Love You” by Patsy Cline isn’t specifically about the month of May, it captures timeless themes of love and longing that resonate with the spirit of spring. Released in 1962, the song’s lyrics, “You made me love you, I didn’t want to do it,” express the irresistible nature of falling in love.

Cline’s soulful and emotive vocal performance, combined with the song’s classic country arrangement, creates a poignant and heartfelt atmosphere. The track reflects the tenderness and vulnerability of love, making it a fitting accompaniment to the feelings of renewal and growth associated with May.

#19 “Will You Love Me in December as You Do in May?” by Jack Hylton

“Will You Love Me in December as You Do in May?” performed by Jack Hylton, is a vintage song from the 1930s that explores the enduring nature of love. The lyrics, “Will you love me in December as you do in May?” question whether the warmth and passion of a relationship will last through the colder, more challenging times.

Hylton’s elegant delivery and the song’s orchestral arrangement give it a timeless, romantic quality. This song uses the contrast between May and December to highlight the hope for lasting affection and commitment, making it a poignant reflection on the durability of love through different seasons of life.

#20 “May Queen” by Heather Nova

“May Queen” by Heather Nova, released in 2001, is a song that blends folk and rock elements to create an evocative and ethereal atmosphere. The lyrics, “And I’m your May Queen, I’m your daydream,” celebrate the mystical and enchanting qualities of a beloved figure, likened to the symbolic May Queen of spring festivals.

Nova’s haunting vocals and the song’s atmospheric instrumentation create a dreamlike soundscape that captures the allure and magic associated with May. The track reflects themes of renewal, beauty, and the ephemeral nature of dreams, making it a fitting tribute to the spirit of May and its associations with new beginnings and enchantment.

#21 “May You Never” by John Martyn

“May You Never,” released by John Martyn in 1973, is a gentle folk song that expresses a heartfelt wish for a friend’s well-being and happiness. The lyrics, “May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold, may you never make your bed out in the cold,” convey a sense of warmth, care, and friendship.

Martyn’s soothing vocals and intricate guitar work create an intimate and comforting atmosphere. The song’s gentle melody and sincere message of support and protection have resonated with listeners, establishing “May You Never” as a timeless piece that celebrates the bonds of friendship and the hope for a good life.

#22 “May This Be Love” by Jimi Hendrix

“May This Be Love,” released by Jimi Hendrix in 1967 on the album Are You Experienced, is a dreamy and introspective song that showcases Hendrix’s softer, more lyrical side. The lyrics, “Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all, my worries seem so very small with my waterfall,” reflect a sense of peace and transcendence found in nature and love.

Hendrix’s gentle guitar work and the song’s mellow groove create a soothing, almost hypnotic atmosphere. “May This Be Love” captures the essence of serenity and the healing power of love, offering a moment of calm and introspection amidst Hendrix’s more energetic rock compositions.

#23 “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)” by Simon & Garfunkel

“The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)” by Simon & Garfunkel, released in 1966, captures the carefree and joyful spirit often associated with the month of May. The lyrics, “Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last,” encourage taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life to appreciate the simple pleasures.

The song’s upbeat tempo, lighthearted melody, and harmonious vocals create a sense of relaxation and happiness. While not explicitly about May, the song embodies the feeling of renewal and enjoyment of life that spring brings, making it a fitting anthem for the season.

#24 “First of May” by Blue October

“First of May” by Blue October is a reflective and emotional song that delves into themes of change, renewal, and personal growth. The lyrics, “It’s the first of May, things are gonna change,” symbolize new beginnings and the hope that comes with the start of a new chapter.

The song’s heartfelt lyrics, combined with its evocative instrumentation and Justin Furstenfeld’s passionate vocals, create an intimate and moving atmosphere. “First of May” captures the essence of embracing change and looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead, making it a poignant reflection on the transformative power of May.

#25 “First of May” by The Wailin’ Jennys

“First of May” by The Wailin’ Jennys, released in 2011, is a folk song that beautifully captures the renewal and beauty associated with the start of May. The lyrics, “Raise your voice and make a joyful sound, let it be heard for miles around,” celebrate the arrival of spring and the joy it brings.

The harmonious vocals of the band members and the gentle acoustic instrumentation create a serene and uplifting atmosphere. “First of May” highlights the themes of new beginnings, growth, and the rejuvenating power of nature, making it a fitting tribute to the arrival of May and the spring season.

#26 “End of May” by Michael Bublé

“End of May,” released by Michael Bublé, is a poignant ballad that reflects on the passage of time and the melancholy of saying goodbye. The lyrics, “Golden days before they end, whisper secrets to the wind,” capture the bittersweet feeling of parting and the fleeting nature of special moments.

Bublé’s smooth and emotive vocal delivery, paired with the song’s elegant arrangement, creates a deeply moving and reflective piece. “End of May” encapsulates the essence of transition and the emotional weight of farewells, making it a touching reflection on the end of a significant period and the memories that linger.

#27 “Maybe Someday in May” by The Last Shadow Puppets

“Maybe Someday in May” by The Last Shadow Puppets is an indie rock song that blends wistful lyrics with a nostalgic melody to create a sense of longing and hope. The lyrics, “Maybe someday in May, you’ll come back and stay,” reflect the yearning for a reunion or rekindling of a past relationship.

The song’s melodic guitar riffs and Alex Turner’s evocative vocals contribute to its dreamy and reflective atmosphere. “Maybe Someday in May” captures the bittersweet emotions of anticipation and remembrance, making it a poignant piece that resonates with listeners longing for a return to happier times or a renewed connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What themes are commonly explored in songs about the month of May?

Songs about May often explore themes of renewal, love, nostalgia, and the beauty of spring. They celebrate new beginnings and the emotional transitions associated with the changing season.

Why do artists choose May as a subject for their songs?

Artists choose May because it symbolizes rebirth and rejuvenation, making it an ideal backdrop for themes of growth and new opportunities. The month’s association with springtime also evokes feelings of optimism and romance.

How do songs about May capture the essence of the season?

Songs about May capture the essence of the season through vivid imagery of blooming flowers, warmer weather, and longer days. They often use lyrical metaphors to convey the emotional uplift and renewal that come with spring.

Are there any iconic songs specifically dedicated to May?

Yes, iconic songs like “First of May” by the Bee Gees and “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart are specifically dedicated to May. These songs highlight the month’s significance through their reflective and celebratory lyrics.

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