Meaning of the Song “Time Has Come” by The Lords of Altamont

What does “Time Has Come” by The Lords of Altamont Mean?

The Lords of Altamont, a band known for their raw, energetic rock sound that merges garage rock, punk, and psychedelic influences, have a knack for creating songs that are not just musically compelling but also rich in meaning. “Time Has Come,” a standout track from their repertoire, is a prime example of their ability to weave thought-provoking themes into hard-hitting rock music. This article delves into the various layers of meaning behind this dynamic song.

Lyric Analysis of “Time Has Come”

“Time Has Come” speaks to the urgency of action and change. The lyrics, characterized by a sense of immediacy and resolve, suggest a call to break free from stagnation or complacency. This message is delivered with a straightforwardness that is typical of The Lords of Altamont’s style, leaving a strong impression on the listener.

Themes of Change and Revolution

At its core, “Time Has Come” is about the inevitability and necessity of change. The song’s title itself serves as a rallying cry, indicating that a pivotal moment has arrived. This theme resonates particularly in the context of social or personal revolution, where there is a need to challenge the status quo and embrace transformation.

The Musical Composition of “Time Has Come”

Musically, “Time Has Come” is a powerful blend of driving rhythms, gritty guitar riffs, and intense vocals. The Lords of Altamont’s signature garage rock sound is on full display here, creating an atmosphere that is both rebellious and invigorating. The music complements the song’s message by adding a sense of urgency and power to the lyrics.

Symbolism and Metaphorical Language

The Lords of Altamont often use symbolism and metaphor in their songs, and “Time Has Come” is no exception. The song’s imagery conveys a sense of awakening and the breaking of chains, symbolizing the liberation from old patterns or oppressive structures. This use of metaphor adds depth to the song, making it not just an anthem of change but also a thought-provoking piece of art.

Connection to Broader Social Themes

“Time Has Come” can be interpreted as a reflection of broader social and cultural themes. In an era marked by significant social change and political upheaval, the song’s message of embracing change and challenging the existing order is particularly relevant. It speaks to the listener’s sense of social responsibility and the desire for progress.

Impact and Reception of the Song

time-has-come-by-the-lords-of-altamont-meaningSince its release, “Time Has Come” has resonated with fans of the band and rock enthusiasts in general. Its combination of hard-hitting music and meaningful lyrics has earned it a place as a significant track in The Lords of Altamont’s discography. The song’s appeal lies in its ability to motivate and energize, serving as an anthem for those seeking change.

Comparison with Other Songs by The Lords of Altamont

When compared to other songs by The Lords of Altamont, “Time Has Come” stands out for its directness and clarity of message. While the band often explores themes of rebellion and counterculture, this song distills these ideas into a potent and unmistakable call to action.


“Time Has Come” by The Lords of Altamont is a song that encapsulates the spirit of change and the urgency of the moment. Through its compelling lyrics, powerful musical composition, and the thematic exploration of revolution and transformation, the song captures the essence of a call to action. It remains an important part of The Lords of Altamont’s musical legacy, inspiring listeners to embrace change and challenge the status quo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main theme of “Time Has Come” by The Lords of Altamont?

The main theme of “Time Has Come” is the urgency and necessity of change, often in the context of personal or social revolution.

Does the song relate to specific social or political events?

While not specific to any one event, the song’s theme of change and action resonates with general social and political movements advocating for transformation.

How does the band’s musical style influence the song’s message?

The Lords of Altamont’s raw and energetic rock style reinforces the song’s message of urgency and rebellion against stagnation.

Is “Time Has Come” a call to action for listeners?

Yes, “Time Has Come” can be interpreted as a call to action, encouraging listeners to embrace change and challenge the status quo.

What makes “Time Has Come” stand out in The Lords of Altamont’s discography?

The song’s direct and clear message of the need for change, coupled with its powerful rock composition, makes it a standout track in the band’s discography.

Are there any notable metaphors or symbols in the song?

The song uses imagery of awakening and breaking free from chains as metaphors for liberation and the need for change.

How has “Time Has Come” been received by audiences and critics?

“Time Has Come” has been well-received for its energizing music and meaningful lyrics, resonating with audiences as an anthem for change.

Does “Time Has Come” reflect the band’s overall themes in their music?

Yes, it reflects The Lords of Altamont’s themes of rebellion and counterculture, common in their music, but with a focused message on the urgency of change.

What emotional response does “Time Has Come” evoke?

The song typically evokes feelings of empowerment, determination, and a sense of urgency to take action and embrace change.

Can “Time Has Come” be interpreted in different ways?

Yes, “Time Has Come” allows for various interpretations, ranging from personal growth to broader social and political change.

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