Meaning of the Song “This Should Go On Forever” by Rod Bernard

What does “This Should Go On Forever” by Rod Bernard Mean?

“This Should Go On Forever” is a classic song by Rod Bernard, an artist known for his unique blend of swamp pop, a genre that combines rhythm and blues, country, and rock and roll elements, particularly popular in South Louisiana. The song, both in its lyrics and melody, captures the essence of youthful romance and the longing for it to last eternally. This article explores the meaning behind the song, its thematic elements, and its significance in the context of Bernard’s career and musical style.

Lyric Meaning & Analysis of “This Should Go On Forever”

The lyrics of “This Should Go On Forever” speak to the timeless theme of enduring love. Bernard sings about an overwhelming feeling of affection and the desire to have these moments of bliss last indefinitely. The song’s narrative is simple yet profound, expressing a sentiment that many can relate to – the wish for a beautiful experience to never end.

Themes of Eternal Love and Timeless Romance

At its core, “This Should Go On Forever” is a ballad of eternal love and timeless romance. It reflects the universal longing to preserve the happiest moments in life, particularly those of young love. The song’s enduring popularity is partly due to its ability to resonate with this common human desire for perpetual joy and connection.

Rod Bernard’s Musical Style and Influence

Rod Bernard’s musical style in “This Should Go On Forever” is a perfect example of swamp pop. His smooth vocal delivery, combined with a gentle rock and roll rhythm and bluesy undertones, creates a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. Bernard’s performance is filled with genuine emotion, lending authenticity to the song’s romantic narrative.

Symbolism and Metaphorical Language

The song’s title and chorus, “This Should Go On Forever,” serve as a powerful metaphor for the timeless nature of love and the desire to cling to life’s most precious moments. Bernard uses simple yet evocative language to convey deep emotional truths about love and longing.

Comparison with Other Love Songs of the Era

Compared to other love songs of its era, “This Should Go On Forever” stands out for its heartfelt sincerity and the unique swamp pop sound. While many songs of the time focused on the joys and sorrows of love, Bernard’s hit captures the blissful side of romance with a hopeful, yearning tone.

Impact and Legacy of “This Should Go On Forever”

this-should-go-on-forever-by-rod-bernard-meaning“This Should Go On Forever” holds a special place in the history of swamp pop and 1950s American music. Its impact goes beyond its initial popularity, as it continues to be celebrated for its emotional depth and Rod Bernard’s distinctive style. The song has become synonymous with the nostalgic longing for love that lasts and the simple yet profound joys of romance.

Relevance in Contemporary Music

The song’s message of enduring love and the desire for everlasting happiness remains relevant in contemporary music. Its universal theme and timeless melody continue to resonate with new generations, proving that the longing for lasting love is as pertinent today as it was when the song was first released.


“This Should Go On Forever” by Rod Bernard is more than just a classic hit from the late 1950s; it’s a musical expression of a universal human desire – to have the best moments in life, especially those of love and connection, last indefinitely. The song, through its simple yet powerful lyrics, Bernard’s emotive delivery, and the distinctive swamp pop sound, captures the essence of eternal romance. It remains a testament to Rod Bernard’s artistic talent and the enduring appeal of songs that celebrate the timeless nature of love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main theme of “This Should Go On Forever” by Rod Bernard?

The main theme of “This Should Go On Forever” is the desire for a beautiful and blissful romantic experience to last indefinitely.

How does Rod Bernard convey the theme of eternal love in the song?

Rod Bernard conveys the theme of eternal love through heartfelt lyrics that express a deep longing for the continuation of a joyful romantic moment.

What musical style is used in “This Should Go On Forever”?

The song is rendered in the swamp pop style, blending elements of rhythm and blues, country, and rock and roll.

Is there a specific lyrical phrase in the song that encapsulates its message?

The title phrase, “This Should Go On Forever,” encapsulates the song’s message, expressing the longing for an enduring romantic experience.

How does “This Should Go On Forever” compare to other love songs of the 1950s?

“This Should Go On Forever” stands out for its blend of sincerity and swamp pop sound, offering a hopeful and yearning perspective on romance.

What makes “This Should Go On Forever” unique in Rod Bernard’s discography?

The song is unique for its emotional depth, relatable theme of lasting love, and its representation of Bernard’s distinct swamp pop style.

What emotional response does “This Should Go On Forever” evoke in listeners?

The song evokes feelings of nostalgia and a deep longing for the timeless moments of joy and connection in love.

Does “This Should Go On Forever” have enduring relevance in music today?

Yes, the song’s universal theme of longing for everlasting love and happiness remains relevant and resonant with contemporary audiences.

How has “This Should Go On Forever” been received by audiences and critics?

The song has been well-received for its heartfelt portrayal of love, with audiences and critics appreciating its emotional sincerity and classic swamp pop sound.

Can “This Should Go On Forever” be considered a classic in the genre of swamp pop?

Yes, “This Should Go On Forever” is considered a classic in the swamp pop genre, celebrated for its emotional resonance and distinctive musical style.

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