Meaning of the Song “These Taming Blues” by Phosphorescent

What does “These Taming Blues” by Phosphorescent Mean?

Phosphorescent, the project of singer-songwriter Matthew Houck, is known for its atmospheric soundscapes and evocative lyrics. Among their diverse discography, the song “These Taming Blues” from their 2005 album “Aw Come Aw Wry” stands out as a particularly poignant and introspective piece. This article delves into the song’s lyrics, musical composition, and the themes it explores to uncover its deeper meaning.

Understanding the Lyrics of “These Taming Blues”

The song opens with a sense of introspection and vulnerability, setting the tone for a deeply personal narrative. Houck’s lyrics often explore themes of love, loss, and the struggle to find one’s place in the world, and “These Taming Blues” is no exception. The song’s lyrics speak to the experience of trying to domesticate one’s wilder instincts, a metaphor for the often painful process of growing and changing in a relationship.

The Musical Composition

Phosphorescent’s music is characterized by its ethereal quality, blending elements of folk, country, and indie rock. In “These Taming Blues,” a gentle, melodic guitar line weaves through the track, accompanied by subtle percussion and Houck’s raw, emotive vocals. The music swells and recedes like waves, mirroring the ebb and flow of the emotional journey described in the lyrics.

Themes of Love and Change

At its core, “These Taming Blues” is a song about the complexities of love and the transformative power it holds. The lyrics suggest a relationship in flux, where both parties are grappling with their own changes and how these shifts affect their connection. The song speaks to the universal experience of love’s ability to both tame and be tamed, and the sometimes-painful growth that comes with it.

Metaphorical Language and Imagery

Houck’s use of metaphorical language adds layers of meaning to the song. Phrases like “These taming blues” and “wild heart” are not just poetic choices but serve as symbols for the broader themes of the song. The blues, often associated with sadness and melancholy, here also suggest a taming or calming influence, while the wild heart represents the untamed aspects of one’s personality or soul.

Connection to Phosphorescent’s Broader Work

these-taming-blues-by-phosphorescent-meaning“These Taming Blues” fits seamlessly into Phosphorescent’s broader body of work, which often dwells on themes of introspection, existential angst, and the search for meaning. Houck’s ability to convey profound emotional truths through his music has made Phosphorescent a beloved figure in the indie music scene. This song, like much of their work, resonates with listeners due to its honest and unguarded exploration of human emotion.

Reception and Impact

Since its release, “These Taming Blues” has resonated with fans and critics alike. Its introspective lyrics and haunting melody have made it a standout track in Phosphorescent’s discography. The song’s exploration of love, change, and the pain of personal growth speaks to a universal human experience, making it a timeless piece.


In conclusion, “These Taming Blues” by Phosphorescent is a song that delves deep into the human experience. Through its poetic lyrics, evocative musical composition, and exploration of themes like love and personal transformation, the song offers a profound reflection on the complexities of the human heart. It stands as a testament to Matthew Houck’s skill as a songwriter and Phosphorescent’s unique place in the landscape of contemporary music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main theme of “These Taming Blues” by Phosphorescent?

The main theme of “These Taming Blues” is the complexity of love and the transformative experience of personal growth within a relationship.

Does the song have a specific narrative or story?

While not a linear story, the song uses metaphorical language to convey a journey of emotional growth and the challenges of maintaining a relationship.

What does the phrase “These Taming Blues” metaphorically represent?

Metaphorically, “These Taming Blues” represents the melancholic yet calming process of maturing and tempering one’s wilder instincts, particularly in the context of love.

How does the music in “These Taming Blues” complement its lyrics?

The gentle, melodic guitar and the raw, emotive vocals in the song enhance the introspective and vulnerable tone of the lyrics.

Is “These Taming Blues” reflective of Phosphorescent’s overall music style?

Yes, the song is reflective of Phosphorescent’s style, known for its atmospheric soundscapes and themes of introspection and existential angst.

What emotions does “These Taming Blues” primarily evoke?

The song evokes emotions of melancholy, introspection, and a poignant sense of love and change.

Are there any notable literary devices used in the song’s lyrics?

The song employs metaphorical language and imagery, particularly in phrases like “wild heart” and “taming blues,” to deepen the thematic impact.

How has “These Taming Blues” been received by audiences and critics?

The song has been well-received, appreciated for its emotional depth, lyrical poignancy, and haunting melody.

Does the song address the theme of personal change?

Yes, it addresses the theme of personal change, especially in the context of how relationships influence and transform individuals.

What makes “These Taming Blues” stand out in Phosphorescent’s discography?

“These Taming Blues” stands out for its deep introspection, poetic lyricism, and the emotive quality that resonates with the universal human experience of love and change.

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