Meaning of the Song “Come Get to This” by Marvin Gaye

come-get-to-this-by-marvin-gaye-meaningWhat does “Come Get to This” by Marvin Gaye Mean?

“Come Get to This” is a soulful song by Marvin Gaye, an artist renowned for his profound impact on the world of soul and R&B music. Released in 1973, this track is a standout song from Gaye’s album “Let’s Get It On.” The song’s smooth rhythm, combined with Gaye’s emotive vocals, convey a message of rekindled love and nostalgia. This article explores the song’s lyrical content, themes, and its significance in Marvin Gaye’s musical journey.

Lyric Meaning & Analysis of “Come Get to This”

The lyrics of “Come Get to This” narrate the story of a man inviting a former lover to reignite their past romance. Gaye’s words are a blend of invitation and reminiscence, as he recalls the passionate moments they shared and expresses a longing to experience that love once again. The song is rich with emotional depth, reflecting both joy and a hint of longing.

Themes of Nostalgia and Renewed Love

“Come Get to This” delves into themes of nostalgia and the reawakening of an old flame. It captures the enduring power of love and the timeless nature of deep, emotional connections. The song portrays the idea that even though time has passed, the intensity and passion of a past relationship can still be reignited.

Marvin Gaye’s Musical Style and Influence

In this track, Marvin Gaye’s musical style is characterized by his soulful and smooth vocal delivery, set against the backdrop of a classic R&B arrangement. His voice, infused with emotion, enhances the song’s theme of revisiting a past love. Gaye’s ability to convey deep feelings through his music has solidified his status as one of the great soul singers of his time.

Cultural Context and Relevance

“Come Get to This” was released during a period when R&B and soul music were evolving to become more expressive and intimate. The song reflects this shift, emphasizing personal and emotional storytelling in music. It resonated with listeners who were seeking more depth and authenticity in love songs.

Symbolism in “Come Get to This”

The song uses the act of returning to a past love as a symbol for the enduring nature of true connections. Gaye’s invitation to “come get to this” serves as a metaphor for revisiting and rekindling a deep and passionate relationship, suggesting that some loves never truly fade away.

Comparison with Other Love Songs

Compared to other love songs of the era, “Come Get to This” stands out for its focus on rekindling a past romance. While many songs explore the beginnings of love or the pain of heartbreak, Gaye’s track is unique in its celebration of reigniting an old flame, bringing a sense of maturity and depth to the theme of love.

Impact and Legacy of “Come Get to This”

“Come Get to This” has left an indelible mark in the realm of soul music, remembered for its heartfelt lyrics and Marvin Gaye’s soul-stirring performance. The song contributed to the era’s narrative of love and relationships, showcasing Gaye’s ability to explore complex emotional themes in his music.

Relevance in Contemporary Music

In the contemporary music landscape, “Come Get to This” continues to be relevant for its timeless message and classic soul sound. The song’s theme of revisiting past love resonates with modern audiences, attesting to the universal and enduring nature of its message.


“Come Get to This” by Marvin Gaye is a poignant and beautifully crafted song that speaks to the heart of what it means to love and be loved. Its exploration of rekindled romance and enduring connections, combined with Gaye’s emotive vocal delivery, makes it a classic in the genre of soul music. The song not only highlights Gaye’s talent as a vocalist and songwriter but also his ability to tap into the deepest emotions of his listeners, making it a timeless piece in the landscape of love songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main theme of “Come Get to This” by Marvin Gaye?

The main theme of “Come Get to This” is about rekindling a past romantic relationship and the enduring power of deep emotional connections.

How do the lyrics of “Come Get to This” convey its theme?

The lyrics convey the theme through a blend of invitation and reminiscence, expressing a longing to reignite a past love with emotional depth.

What musical style does Marvin Gaye use in “Come Get to This”?

Marvin Gaye uses a soulful and smooth R&B style, characterized by his emotive vocal delivery and classic rhythm and blues arrangement.

What does the song suggest about past relationships?

The song suggests that some past relationships hold a deep, enduring connection that can be reignited, despite the passage of time.

Is “Come Get to This” reflective of the cultural shift in 1970s music?

Yes, the song reflects the 1970s shift towards more expressive and intimate themes in soul and R&B music.

How does “Come Get to This” differ from typical love songs of its era?

Unlike typical love songs of its era, “Come Get to This” uniquely focuses on revisiting and reviving a former romantic relationship.

What impact did “Come Get to This” have on soul music?

“Come Get to This” made a significant impact on soul music with its heartfelt portrayal of rekindled love, showcasing Marvin Gaye’s talent for exploring complex emotional themes.

What is the symbolism behind the invitation to “come get to this”?

The invitation symbolizes the opportunity to revisit a profound past relationship and experience once again its deep emotions and connections.

Why has “Come Get to This” remained relevant in modern music?

The song’s timeless message about the power of enduring love and its classic soul sound continue to resonate with contemporary audiences.

What does Marvin Gaye’s performance add to the song?

Marvin Gaye’s emotive and soulful performance adds depth and authenticity to the song’s theme of rekindling a past romance.

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