Fender Play Review

In this Fender Play review, we will check out Fender’s online guitar lesson platform, features, and songs to see if this is the guitar training course you need to get. We all know what Fender means in the music history – they’ve made the electric guitar a household item, and changed the music forever! Now,

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Jamplay Review

In this Jamplay review, we’ll evaluate their guitar lessons, instruction features, and songs to see if this is the right guitar training course for you. Jamplay is available to guitar students all over the world since 2006. The thing that makes this site one of the best for learning guitar is the fact that it

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Guitar Tricks Review

In this Guitar Tricks review, we will look at the guitar lessons, learning platform, and features, so you can decide if this is the right guitar training course for you. Guitar Tricks is available on the world-wide-web since 1998 – and it holds its place on the throne among guitar-learning website platforms since then. Guitar

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Best Mini Acoustic Guitars

Searching for the best mini acoustic guitar that is small but still sounds good can be quite difficult. Most of the time acoustic guitars tend to lose a lot of their tone and sound quality as they get smaller. This doesn’t have to be the case though. You don’t have to sacrifice tone for size.

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Best Bass Guitars for Beginners

It’s hard to find the best bass guitar for beginners when you are new to basses and you are just starting to learn. If you are new to bass, you probably don’t know the difference between humbuckers, single coils, and soapbars. It’s all nonsense to you and honestly it doesn’t really matter for a beginner.

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John Hill Hewitt

John Hill Hewitt (July 11, 1801 – October 7, 1890) John Hill Hewitt was an American songwriter born in July 1801 in New York City. Along with music he is also known for his plays and poetry. Hewitt was born into an extremely musical family and was exposed to music from a very young age.

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John Hewitt Comments on Henry Russell

This is excerpt from John Hewitt’s book Shadows on the Wall or, Glimpses of the Past, where he talks about Henry Russell, their relationship, and their music. Henry Russell. The descriptive songs and ballads of this composer and vocalist are still much in vogue. He spent much of his time in Baltimore, though New York

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Henry Russell

Henry Russell (December 24, 1812 – December 8, 1900) Henry Russell was born in Sheerness, Kent, in the South of England, during the year 1812. Russell was a pianist, singer and composer. He was born into a Jewish family, and was dedicated to music from a very young age, and started learning piano from the

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Frederic Woodman Root

Frederic Woodman Root (June 13, 1846 – November 8, 1916) Frederic Woodman Root was born in Boston in 1846, son of George Root, a well known songwriter at the time. His mother, Mary Olive Root, was also a famous singer, thus, Root grew up surrounded by music. At just 5 years old, his father had

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George Frederick Root

George Frederick Root (August 30, 1820 – August 6, 1895) George Frederick Root was an influential songwriter, born in August 1820, in Sheffield, Massachusetts. His work mainly focused on issues regarding the American Civil War. As a young boy, Root trained on piano under the guidance of George J. Webb, and also studied the flute alongside this.

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