The Music of Septimus Winner

Septimus Winner, circa 1850 Septimus Winner, circa 1870


Septimus Winner was born in Philadelphia, PA on 11 May 1827, and died of a heart attack at the age of 75 there on 22 November 1902. His parents were Joseph Eastburn Winner (1802-1878) and Mary Ann Hawthorne. They had seven children: Septimus, Julia, Margaret Ann, Sarah Jane, Joseph Eastburn, Anna Ross, and Sivori. His father's brother's name was William E. Winner. On November 25, 1847, Septimus married Hannah Jane Guyer. They had two children: Margeret F[rancis?]. Winner, and James Gibson Winner (born 15 Feb 1852). He published lyrics and music, besides using his own name, under the pseudonymns of Alice Hawthorne, Percy Guyer, Mark Mason, Marion Florence, Leon Dore, Apsley Street, and Paul Stenton. Septimus also had a book of poetry edited and published by William C. Claghorn in 1903, posthumously, called Cogitations of a Crank at Three Score Years and Ten.

His most popular songs were How Sweet Are the Roses (1850) [but not published until 1853], I Set My Heart Upon a Flower (1854), What Is Home Without a Mother (1854), Listen to the Mocking Bird (1855), Abraham's Daughter; or, Raw Recruits (1861), Der Deitcher's Dog (1864), Ellie Rhee; or, Carry Me Back to Tennessee (1865), What Care I? (1866), Whispering Hope (1868), Ten Little Indians (1868), Come Where the Woodbine Twineth (1870), and Love One Lost Is Gone Forever (1870). His was especially popular for his ballads published under the pseudonym of Alice Hawthorne. He had a brother who was also a composer, named (after his father) Joseph Eastburn Winner (1837-1918) who published under the alias Eastburn.

Of special interest is the book The Mocking Bird: The Life and Diary of Its Author, Sep. Winner by Charles Eugene Claghorn (Philadelphia, PA: The Magee Press, [March] 1937), xii + 64 pages.

*NOTE: all sources are from online digital archives or publications of the original sheetmusic which are in the Public Domain. Levy Collection material is identified in Box/Number format as a default "@" reference. Others are: 1) LoC for the Library of Congress' American Memories' website; 2) PS-xxx = material from Dover Publications' Popular Songs of Nineteenth Century America; Duke = material from Duke University; and, UNC = material from UNC-Chapel Hill Music Library. I have assumed and listed all of his music I've researched, as songs, unless I am sure otherwise.


Title Words Source*


Let the Light of Days Depart (Song) [12 May] Winner 500090@LoC


Rebecca at the Well (Sacred Ballad) [6 Dec] Winner 511890@LoC


How Sweet Are the Roses Winner 126/037; 126/038
My Cottage Home Winner 101/083; 1881-17967@LoC


Come Gather 'Round the Hearth Alice Hawthorne (pseud. for Winner) 771380@LoC
I Set My Heart Upon a Flower Winner 127/100
Mercy's Dream
(Sabbath Ballads from Pilgrims Progress)
Winner 032/065
The Chimes of the Monastery (adapted from Le Cloches du Monastere by Leopold Meignen) Alice Hawthorne (pseud. for Septimus Winner) 771392@LoC; conf0135@Duke
The Pet of the Cradle Winner 106/109; 106/110
The Song of the Farmer Winner 771360@LoC
What Is Home Without a Mother) (for guitar) (Ballad) Winner 721090@LoC; 128/131; 128/132; 120/122


Dreams That Charm'ed Me When a Child (Ballad) Winner os76-33@Duke
Let Us Live With a Hope Winner 127/137
Listen to the Mocking Bird [17 Apr. 1855]
[Melody by Richard Milburn]
Winner 126/051; 126/055; 129/053
My Early Fireside (Ballad) [7 Apr] Winner 590200@LoC
Our Good Old Friends Winner 126/081; 102/015
The Golden Moon [12 Sep] Winner 590320@LoC
The Happiness of Home [12 Sep] Winner 751590@LoC; 590350@LoC


Am I Not True to Thee [31 May] Winner 630300@LoC; 1884-14642@LoC (13 July 1884)
Fond Memories of My Childhood (Ballad) [31 May] Winner 630540@LoC


As We Gathered in the Hay (Ballad) [22 July] Septimus Winner 631380@LoC; 1885-16737@LoC
Home and Friends; or, When the Sun Goes Down (Ballad) [23 Mar] Winner 631480@LoC
No One to Kiss (Comic Ballad) Winner 051/060
Nothing to Wear (Comic Ballad) [8 Dec] Winner 051/061; 630770@LoC
The Flower Fadeth (melody from Gondolied (1855) by James Bellak) (Ballad) [29 Dec] Winner 630930@LoC
The Heart's Mission (Ballad) Winner 126/036
The Summer of the Heart (Ballad) [7 Aug] Winner 610060@LoC
This Land of Ours (Ballad) [30 Dec] Winner 630890@LoC
"Widders Beware" Maidens Take Care! (Comic Song) anonymous 1885-14384@LoC


Juana - Cuba Fair Isle! (Ballad) Winner 126/044
The Red Petticoat (Comic Ballad) Winner 051/750


Jenny, Darling Jenny (Ballad) Winner 127/116


New Friends, True Friends (Ballad) Winner 131/052


The Snow-White Rose (Ballad No. 47) Winner os76-30@UNC-CH


Away, Away! the Morn Is Brightly Breaking! (Pic Nic Glee) Winner 1000010005@HSM/LoC
As Dear to Day as Ever (Ballad No. 45) [using the alias Alice Hawthorne] Winner LL-SSM-ALD3633@Univ.ofInd.
Give Us Back Our Old Commander Winner 088/036
Johnny Is Gone for a Soldier (No. 6 from SWEET MUSIC) >Winner
Maryland, My Maryland! (based on O Tannebaum; arr.) adapted by Winner 089/015, 089/017, 089/021, 086/015
Rally for the Union (music: anon.; arr.) C. M. Tremaine 089/135
Raw Recruits; or, Abraham's Daughter Winner 089/137
There's Not a Sorrow On My Heart (music by William Withers, Jr.) Septimus Winner 135/101
There Is No One Like a Mother Winner 131/129


Be My Mother Till I Die (melody by Elmer Ruan Coates; arr.) Elmer Ruan Coates 087/036
Down Upon the Rappahannock (Ballad) Winner 087/124
He's Gone to the Arms of Abraham (Comic War Ballad) [melody from "Secash," being a version of The Bonnie Blue Flag (1861) by Harry McCarthy] Winner b1065@Duke
Hoist Up the Flag (Patriotic Song) (melody by Billy Holmes) (arr.) Billy Holmes 088/075
Pretty Sallie (melody by M.S.C; arr.) Adapted by Winner 131/084
Yes I Would the War Were Over
(answer to When This Cruel War Is Over [by Henry Tucker])
Winner 090/173; 090/174


Der Deitcher's Dog (Comic Ballad) Winner 051/032
Did You Think of Me Today (Ballad) Winner b1057@Duke
Kissing in Fun (music by F. [or T?] Harris) Winner 052/056
Look With Thy Fond Eyes Upon Me (Ballad No. 63) Winner 131/024
Our Flag O'er Georgia Floats Again [Song and Chorus] (No. 1 from Songs of the Times) Winner 1000010010@LoC/HSM
Our Nation Calls for Peace Again Winner 089/105
Pretty to Me (Song and Chorus) [29 Oct] Alice Hawthorne [alias for Septimus Winner] 200182806@LoC/IHAS-CWM
That Lady in the Cars (Comic Song) ( Winner) anon. 059/089
The Song of Jokes (Comic Ballad) Winner 053/063
The World Is Topsy Turvy (Comic Ballad) Winner 053/100


Our Nation Mourns Her Martyr'd Son
[music = Our Nation Calls for Peace Again (1864)]
Winner 005/057
Carry Me Back to Tennessee; or, Ellie Rhee (arr.) adapted by Winner 087/071
Farewell Song of Enoch Arden; or, I'll Sail the Seas Over Winner 066/043
Twere Better That Words Were Unspoken (Ballad) Winner 131/142


Ellie Rhee for the Guitar (aka Carry Me Back to Tennessee (from The Amateur) [see 1865 original version, above] Winner 087/133
I Am Dreaming of the Lov'd Ones (music--anon.; arr.) anon. 130/078
What Care I, Who Cares for Me? Winner LoC; 135/115 [1879/1866]


Captain Jinks, of the Horse Marines
(Lyric Lyre)(arr. by Winner)
T. Maclagen 051/018
Ten Little Injuns (Comic Song) Winner 106-107/203; 106-107/202
The Lazaroni Maid Winner b0815@Duke
The Friends We Love (Song and Chorus) [4 Jul] Alice Hawthorne [alias for Septimus Winner] 200182805@LoC/IHAS-CWM
Whispering Hope (Duet) Winner PS-241


The Birdie's Ball (Ballad with Chorus) Winner 130/017a


Little Wee Dog [compare Der Deitcher's Dog (1864)] Winner and Barton Hill 133/101
No One to Weep When I Am Gone [3 Nov.] Winner 03385@LoC
Queer People There Be (Comic Song) Winner 03384@LoC
Where Mother Is, We Call It Home (Ballad with Chorus) Winner 9228@Univ.ofOregon


After Sundown (from Home Joys) Winner LoC
Blow the Horn for Supper Kate (from Farm Ballads, No. 1) Winner 07979@LoC
Drifting From Home Winner LoC
God Bless the Little Feet Winner LoC
Never a Care I Know [19 Dec.] Winner 12422@LoC
On the Board-walk at Cape May (Comic Song) Winner 11330@LoC
Resurgam - I Will Rise Again Winner LoC
Take Me, Mother, in Thy Lap [18 Dec.] Winner 12011@LoC
That Little Church Around the Corner anonymous 135/065; 03229@LoC
The Coolie Chinee (Humorous Song) Winner 01951@LoC
There Are Friends That We Never Forget Winner 11630@LoC
We Met No More Winner LoC


Only Friends and Nothing More [10 Dec.] Winner 13817@LoC
Une Penseée du Soir (An Evening Thought) (Reverie) none 100001588@LoC/HSM


And Yet I Am Not Happy [18 Aug.] Winner 12106@LoC
Bury Not Thy Neighbour Winner [M2.3.U6A44]
Envy Not Thy Neighbor [22 Apr.] Richard Arthur 04291@LoC
Good Words [19 July] Winner 08530@LoC
I Don't Got Him Now [17 May] Winner 07912@LoC
Old Boston Bay [16 Dec.] Winner 15160@LoC
Patchwork (Medley [Ballad] Song) Winner 054/099
Some Happier Day Winner LoC
Sour Kraut Winner 13005@LoC
The Bird and Mate [10 May] Winner 05230@LoC


Dear Mollie Magee Winner 05833@LoC
Lover's Quarrel (Comic Dialogue Duet) Winner 10385@LoC
The Bow in the Cloud Winner LoC
The Gates Are Ever Open (companion to The Gates Ajar) Winner LoC
The Sister's Prayer (Temperance Ballad, with Chorus) Winner 099/015; 05307@LoC [21 May 1875]
Tom Collins Is My Name (Character Song) Winner 09822@LoC
Under the Eaves (Song and Chorus) Winner cahs0043@UC-B


Home, By and By Winner LoC
If My Wishes Would Come True Winner 02845@LoC
Side by Side (Ballad) Winner 12472@LoC
The Spelling Bee (Humorous Song) Winner 054/135; 04574@LoC
The Weeping Family (Humorous Song) (from Vocal Music for the Piano or Organ) Frank Verdant 08138@LoC
Wherefore (Sentimental Ballad) Winner 08139@LoC


Gay As a Lark Winner LoC
Let Us Cross Over the River (The last words of Stonewall Jackson) Winner 02492@LoC


Ellen's Babies; or, I'm Kept on Pins and Needles (Humorous Ballad) [31 July] Winner 10860@LoC
Home Sweet Home (music by Sir Henry Rowley Bishop; arr.) John Howard Payne, 1830 LoC
Out of Work Winner LoC
The Meeting House Gate (Ballad) [4 Mar.] Winner 02978@LoC


I'll Plant a Rose Beside Thy Grave (Decoration Song & Chorus) Winner 08895@LoC
I Would Not Die Away from Home (Vocal Duett) (Ballad) [18 Aug.] Winner 09800@LoC
The Maid and the Sparrow (Humorous Dialogue Duett) Winner 05179@LoC


A Good Send-Off to Thee (Baritone Ballad) [28 Apr.] Winner 06840@LoC
The Creeds of the Bells (Solo, Duett & Quartett) [14 Apr.] George W. Bungay 06839@LoC


God Save Our President (A Nation's Prayer) [20 July] Winner 10675@Levy


Pass Us Not By (Song and Chorus) [23 Jan.] George M. Vickers 01276@LoC
The Soldiers Are Passing (from the melo-drama of Heloise) Talvi 14008@LoC
The Gypsy's Tent (from the melodrama Loriena) [12 Nov.] Miss Cook 19311@LoC


Don't Blame Your Wife (Humorous Ballad) [7 July] Winner 15529@LoC
Thy Name I Love (Waltz Song) (from the opera Nanon, 1883, by Richard Genee) (arr.) [23 Mar.] Richard Genee? 06731@LoC


Arrangements by Others

Title Arranged By Words Year Source*
Grand Fantasia on the famous theme of "The Mocking Bird" F. W. Meacham none 1905 171/112@Levy
Listen to the Mocking Bird With Brilliant Variations, Opus 550 (No. 19 from Hawthorne Leaves) Charles Grobe none circa 1850s 161/016
Ten Little Niggers (Serio Comic Song) Frank Green? Frank Green not dated 017/141



Title Year Source*
Aberdeen Schottisch 1870 LoC
America and Yankee Doodle [arr.] 1876 LoC
Anna Polka 1874 LoC
Archiduc Polka 1875 LoC
Aria Alla Schozzese (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from The Budget of Music) 1870 LoC
Baby's Dance (No. 2 from The Pet Set of Easy Airs for the Piano or Organ) [5 May] 1880 07462@LoC
Ball and Pin Galop 1874 LoC
Ballad and Polka 1874 LoC
Ballad Set (Plain Cotillions No. 2) (arr.) 1855 160/011
Baxter March (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1885 20652@LoC
Beggar Student [opera, 1883, by Karl Millocker, 1842-1899] (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Duets from the Opera) [11 Nov.] 1883 23853@LoC
Big Bonanza Polka 1875 LoC
Black Diamond Cotillions [Quadrilles] (from Fashionable Round and Square Dances for the Piano Forte) [5 July]
with figures for dancing...containing:
Down in a Coal Mine
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Fisherman's Daughter
Good Bye Charlie
His Heart Was True to Poll
5 July 1872 07660@LoC
Black Swan Set (Plain Cotillions No. 1) (arr.)
Few Days
Keemo Kimo [by H. Wood]
Wait for the Wagon
Pop Goes the Weasel
Jordan Am a Hard Road
Hop De Do (Jig)
1855 017/005
Bud of Promise (A Spring Idylle) 1874 08091@LoC
Bud of Promise, four hands 1874 LoC
Bud of Promise, simplified 1874 LoC
Caliostro Waltz 1877 LoC
Cecilian March 1871 LoC
Centennial Medley (arr.) (from American National Airs)
Star Spangled Banner
Red, White and Blue
Hail Columbia
Yankee Doodle
1876 012/013
Chesney-wold Quadrille 1874 LoC
Child's Own Set (Plain Cotillions No. 3) (arr.) --- contains:
Here We Go Round the Mullberry Bush
Sister Phoebe
Little Bo Peep
No. 2
London Bridge
Tread Tread the Green Grass
No. 3
When You Get Married You Must Obey
No. 4
(Coquette Cotillion.) Oh When He Comes All Dress'd in Blue
1855 104/016, 162/125
Clear the Track Galop 1874 LoC
Colonel Ellsworth's Funeral March 1861 091/052, 91/54
Come Into the Garden, Maud (1857, music by Michael William Balfe; arr. for Cornet and Piano) 1874 08084@LoC
Congress Schottisch 1870 LoC
Cuckoo Galop 1874 LoC
Dance on Forever Waltz 1874 LoC
Defile March 1874 LoC
Dixy's Land (music by John Cahr; arr.) (from New Set. Piano Music.) 1860 091/078
Dolly Varden (Medley Quadrilles) [Cotillions] (from Fashionable Round and Square Dances for the Piano Forte)
with the figures for dancing, containing:
Dolly Varden
If Ever I Cease to Love
After the Opera
When the Band Begins
Dear Little Shamrock
12 Apr 1872 07659@LoC
Drama March 1857 163/055
Eagle Quadrilles 1876 LoC
Early Dawn (March) (No. 1 from Golden Thoughts of Favorite Authors) 1878 LoC
Eclipse Polka 1874 LoC
Falka [Comic Opera, 1884, by F. Chassaigne] (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Duets from the Opera) [4 Apr.] 1884 07547@LoC
Fatinitza Waltz 1879 LoC
Fille de Madame Angot, La - No. 1 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1874 LoC
Fille de Madame Angot, La - No. 2 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1874 LoC
Fille de Madame Angot, La - No. 3 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1874 LoC
Fireside Schottisch (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1856 1885-20652@LoC
Florence Galop 1874 LoC
Fourth of July March 1874 LoC
French Polka 1876 LoC
Gen. Halleck's Grand March 1862 091/106
General Hancock's Grand March 1864 091/108, 7/39
Genevieve No. 1 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1873 LoC
Gentle Spring Waltz 1871 LoC
Gentlemen's Bloomer Waltz 1851 160410@LoC
Girofle Girofla No. 1 Winner LoC
Girofle Girofla No. 2 Winner LoC
Good Luck March 1871 LoC
Graffulla's Waltz (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1856 1885-20652@LoC
Hail Columbia (arr.) 1876 LoC
Juliet Waltzes 1874 LoC
Krieslaufen (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1876 12059@LoC
Longing {by Jungmann; arr. for Violin and Piano) (from The New Set of First Class Duetts for the Violin and Piano) 1874 12882@LoC
Love Letter Waltz (No. 12 from Diamond Set: Choice Duetts for the Cornet and Piano Arranged by Septimus Winner) 1874 08088@LoC
Madame Angot Waltz 1876 LoC
Madame L'Archiduc No. 1 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1875 LoC
Madame L'Archiduc No. 2 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1875 LoC
Manuscript Waltzes 1874 LoC
Marion Schottische 1875 LoC
Maritana No. 1 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1873 LoC
Medley Set (Plain and Fancy [No. 5] Cotillions) (arr.)
Wait for the Wagon
Few Days & Kemo Kimo
Villikins & Pop Goes the Weasel
Coquette. Fancy Dance.
1857 1885-04387@LoC
Nanon [opera, 1883, by Richard Genee] (Arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Solos, Duets and Trios) 1885 10987@LoC
National Set (Plain Cotillions No. 4) (arr.) 1855 001A/038
Nellie Grant's Wedding March 1874 LoC
New Departive March 1871 LoC
Number One March 1871 LoC
Organ Pastime (arr.) (from Winner's Budget of Music for the Piano or Organ))
(1) Harvest Hymn
(2) Echo Song by Beethoven
(3) Chantique by Gounod
(4) Twilight Thought by Mozart
1875 10409@LoC
Orpheus No. 1 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1873 LoC
Orpheus No. 2 (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1873 LoC
Pavilion Model Polka 1875 LoC
Pins and Needles Galop[see 1877, Ellen's Babies] 1877 LoC
Plain Quadrille Palermo Set 1877 LoC
Practice and Pastime (chords and accompaniments) 1872 LoC
Race-Horse Galop (from Parlor Dances)
[quotes Yes, I Would the War Is Over]
1869 028/123
Recherche Valse 1877 LoC
Robin Adair (Irish tune Eileen Aroon; arr. for Violin and Piano) (from The Budget of Music) 1870 LoC
Rochester Schottische (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1852 1885-20652@LoC
Rosalie Schottisch 1857 Eric W. Cook
Royal March 1876 LoC
Schoolday Waltz 1874 LoC
Silver Wedding March 1870 LoC
Soldiers Polka 1874 LoC
Song Medley (arr. for Cornet and Piano) (from Diamond Set Choice Duetts, for the Cornet and Piano)
Increase of Crime
Starry Night for a Ramble
1874 08069@LoC
Sophie Waltz 1874 LoC
Sounds from the Ringing Rocks (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1874 LoC
Star Spangled Banner (arr.) 1876 LoC
Sweet By and By (music by Joseph Philbrick Webster, 1819-1875; arr. for Violin and Piano) 1878 LoC
Thalberg Polka 1874 LoC
The Corliss Engine (March) 1877 LoC
Edwin Forest Quick-Step (aka The Edwin Forest Quick Step) 1857 163/075
The Hiawatha Polka [31 May] 1856 331260@LoC
The Mocking Bird Cotillons (arr.) (from Mocking Bird Echoes)
(1) Hold Your Horses
(2) Mocking Bird
(3) Villikins and His Dinah
(4) Lulu
(5) Aunt Jemima's Plaster (Jig)
1856 1884-06778@LoC [28 Mar]
The Rock Beside the Sea (music by Charles Crozat Converse; arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1861 1885-20652@LoC
The Roses Waltz 1874 LoC
The Ruby Schottische 1874 LoC
The Shepherd Boy (music by G. D. Wilson; arr. for Violin and Piano) 1877 02786@LoC
The Wyoming Waltz 1854 1882-02550@LoC
The "Contraband" Schottisch 1861 091/069, 091/070
Tit-Tat-To (Schottische) [12 Sep] 1855 1855-280910@LoC; 1855-751550@LoC; 104/138 & 139@Levy; 126/125@Levy; 1885-20652@LoC (arr. for Violin and Piano)
Varieties Quadrille 1874 LoC
Village Polka Quadrille 1878 LoC
Wait Till the Moonlight (arr. for Violin and Piano) 1876 LoC
Wedding March (Evening Hour) Winner LoC
Wedding Set (Plain Quadrille) (arr. for Violin, Cornet and Piano)(No. 43 from Solos, Duets and Trios) [Melody by Felix Mendelsohn] none 1885-02667@LoC
What Is Home Without a Mother (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1854 1885-20652@LoC
Wheat-sheaf Polka 1876 LoC
Wide Awake Set, Plain Cotillions. (from Home Joys for the Piano Forte or Parlor Organ. Second Set. No. 30)
New Champagne Charlie
Little Maggie May
Shabby Genteel
Popsy Wopsy
Roman Fall
1871 10363@LoC
Wind Up Galop 1874 LoC
Winner's Banjo [quotes Dan Tucker] 1858 162/042
Would I Were With Thee (arr. for Violin and Piano) (from Fifty Parlor Duetts) 1861 1885-20652@LoC
You Never Miss the Water (by Rollin Howard, 1872; arr. for Violin and Piano) 1876 LoC

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