The Music of
William Vincent Wallace
Wallace in 1850

    Not to be confused with William Ross Wallace (1819-1881), a lyricist of the same period, William Vincent Wallace was born in Waterford, Ireland on 11 March 1812; and died in Château de Bagen, Sauveterre de Comminges, near Barbazon, Haute Garonne, France on 12 October 1865. He was a composer and performer who studied both piano and organ as well as violin. He was married to Isabella Kelly and later to Hellen Stoepel. He composed six completed operas of which his first Maritana and third Lurline were the most successful. Among the others are Matilda; or, The Maid of Hungary, The Amber Witch and The Desert Flower

NOTE: I am very happy to announce as of 26 Jan 2012, the publication of William Vincent Wallace: Composer, Virtuoso and Adventurer by Andrew Lamb (Fullers Wood Press, ISBN-10: 09524149X, ISBN-13: 978-0952414971, paperback, 247 pages).

Title Lyrics Source(s)
The Sword and the Staff (A National Anthem) George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 015/042@Levy
A Fireside Song [circa 1844-1857] H. F. Chorley white1-37@UNC; Boston: Oliver Ditson, Plate No. 2110
Chant des Pelerins, Op. 19 (Nocturne) n/a 1844-032920@LoC
La Amistad (Valse) [17 Sep] n/a 1844-032710@LoC
La Gondola (Souvenir de Venice) (Noctourne pour le Piano Forte) (Op. 18) [4 Sep] n/a 1844-032930@LoC
La Texiana (Waltz) none 014/049@Levy
La Victoria (Waltz) [17 Sep] n/a 1844-032610@LoC
La Zoe (Waltz) [17 Sep] n/a 1844-032510@LoC
Flora (aka Flora Valse) (Valse Elégante) (circa 1845) none an7038102@NLA
Grand Valse de Concert, Op. 27 n/a 1845-050210@LoC; 1845-792120@LoC
Rondino on the Scotch Melody Bonnie Prince Charlie (circa 1845) none an13620744@NLA
Scenes That Are Brightest (Ballad) (from Act III of the Grand Opera Maritana) Alfred Bunn, Esq. 176/045@Levy; also at LoC
'Tis the Harp in the Air (Romance) (from Act I of the Grand Opera Maritana) Alfred Bunn, Esq. 176/100@Levy; 1853-211240@LoC; 1853-720240@LoC
Yes, Let Me Like a Soldier Fall (Aria) (from Act II of the Grand Opera Maritana) Edward Fitzball, 1792-1873 pp. 77-82 from The Parlour Song Book
Holy Mother Guide His Footsteps [21 Feb] [aka Sainted Mother] (from Act III of the Grand Opera Maritana) Alfred Bunn, Esq. 1846-790960@LoC arranged for the Spanish Guitar by N. Andrew Baldwin
Grande Fantasie et Variations sur la Cracovienne n/a 1846-071720@LoC
In Happy Moments [21 Feb] (from Act II of the Grand Opera Maritana) (arr. for the Spanish Guitar by N. Andrew Baldwin) Alfred Bunn, Esq. 1846-410530@LoC
Speak Gently David Bates, 1809-1870 102/071@Levy
There Is a Flower That Bloometh [21 Feb] (from Act III of the Grand Opera Maritana); arranged for the Spanish Guitar by N. Andrew Baldwin Alfred Bun, Esq. 410540@LoC
A Lowly Youth (Ballad) (SOLOS No. 22, from the Grand Opera Matilda, or the Maid of Hungary) [29 Apr] Alfred Bunn, Esq. 420990@LoC
Gone Is That Calmness (Ballad) (SOLOS No. 15, from the Grand Opera Matilda, or the Maid of Hungary) [21 Apr] Alfred Bunn, Esq. 420830@LoC
In That Devotion (Ballad) (SOLOS No. 24, from the Grand Opera Matilda, or the Maid of Hungary) [13 May] Alfred Bunn, Esq. 420940@LoC
Mary the Village Queen (Ballad) [n.d.: 1839-1851; circa 1847] J. E. Carpenter, Esq. ns5-32@UNC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen, Plate No. 1351
One Gentle Heart (Rondo Finale) (SOLOS No. 28, from the Grand Opera Matilda, or the Maid of Hungary) [14 Aug] Alfred Bunn, Esq. 420860@LoC; New York: Firth and Hall, Plate No. 4179
She Comes in All Her Loveliness (Cavitina) (2nd Mvmt: Crown, the Sceptre & the Sway) (SOLOS No. 4 from the Grand Opera Matilda, or the Maid of Hungary) [8 May] Alfred Bunn, Esq. 42175@LoC; New York: Firth, Hall & Pond, Plate No. 4117
Sleeping I Dreamed Love (Quartett) (adapted to the Romance La Réve) Mrs. Mary E. Hewitt 1847-430180@LoC; (arr. by John C. Scherpf) 1850-661540
The False Friend Thomas Hood (arr. gtr) 1847-430750@LoC>
They Who Would Still Be Happy (Romance) (from SOLOS No. 16, from the Grand Opera Matilda, the Maid of Hungary) [14 Aug] Alfred Bunn, Esq. 420870@LoC
Maritana Waltz [arr. Henry Chadwick] none 1848-081450@LoC
Echo's Song Robert Stewart, Esq. an13501825@NLA
Grande Polka de Concert none 1850-130450@LoC; 1850-661110@LoC; 1854-730130@LoC
I Have Never Been False to Thee (Ballad) [7 Nov] George Pope Morris 1850-480280@LoC; 1850-660430@LoC; [gtr arr. William Dressler] 1851-491450@LoC and 1851-680400@LoC
Innocence (Romance) none 1850-661700@LoC
Love's Minstrel (Song) [circa 1850s) Wallace? an6304275@NLA
The Gypsy Maid [aka The Gipsy Maid] (Romanza Espanola) [28 Dec] Edward Fitzball 1850-480480@LoC; 1850-660390@LoC
When O'er the Distant Eastern Hills (Hymn) Henry C. Watson 1852-511230@LoC; 1852-690040@LoC; [arr James G. Maeder] 1853-702050@LoC; [arr gtr William Dressler] 1852-510770 and 1852-691010 at LoC
Alpine Melody, for the Piano Forte [15 May] n/a 150060@LoC
Auld Land Syne & Highland Laddie (No. 1 [of 6] from Gems of Scottish Melody Arranged for the Piano Forte) [26 May] n/a 670670@LoC
Bohemian Melody with Brilliant Variations [20 Oct] n/a 141820@LoC
Cradle Song Alfred Tennyson, 1819-1898 490610, 490880, 670380, and 680480 all at LoC; [arr gtr] 1855-571100 and 1855-670390 at LoC
Go! Thou Restless Wind (Romance) {Ballad; in the German style] [27 Feb] Charles Rosenberg 1851-491770@LoC
I Mourn Thee, But I Love No More (Companion to Why Do I Weep for Thee) [8 Jul] Desmond Ryan 490750@LoC
Old Friendship's Smile (Ballad) [8 Jul] Edward Fitzball, 1792-1873 1851-490740@LoC; New York: William Hall & Son, Plate No. 1210
Searcher of Hearts (Thy Will Be Done) (Hymn) [15 Sep] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 1851-491300@LoC; New York: William Hall & Son, Plate No. 1264
Softly Ye Night Winds (Ballad) Mrs. Mary E. Hewitt 1851-680760@LoC; [gtr. arr. by C. C. Converse] 1854-721780@LoC
The Exile to His Sister Ballad [26 May] [compare to gtr. arr. by William Dressler] George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 [1851-] 491480, 670470, and 680360 at LoC
The Flag of Our Union (A National Song) George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 [1851-] 670580, 680390, 491470; [1854-] 600770, 760920 all at LoC
The Star of Love (Serenade) George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 1851-670490@LoC
The Village Maiden's Song (Woodland Sketches No. 1) none [1851-] 150130 and 680330 at LoC
The World's Fair Polka none [1851-] 151750, [arr. pno-4 hands, by William Dressler] 151740, and 670630 at LoC
There Is Darkness on the Mountain (Ballad) [1 Nov] J. R. Planche 491640@LoC
Why Do I Weep for Thee? (Ballad) George Linley, 1798-1865 (arr gtr William Dressler) 1851-491490@LoC; (arr William Dressler) 1851-670650@LoC; 042/139-140@Levy; [1859] 035/116@Levy; 094/189@Levy; 169/106@Levy; 120/129@Levy; [1870] 135/134@Levy
Adieu Dear Native Land (Nocturne) [1 Nov] Henry C. Watson 1852-511140@LoC
Happy Birdling of the Forest (Bravura Song [Flute Obligato]) [14 Feb] C. D. Stewart 511210@LoC>/td>
Impromtu en forme d'Etude none 100003716@HSM/LoC
Jacob Gets the Mitten (Answer to Wait for the Wagon) George Pope Morris, 1802-1864 1852-521060@LoC
La Grace (Trois Etudes de Salon No. 1) [c1851; 1 Apr 1852] none 1852-141870@LoC
Orange Flowers (Romance) H. F. Chorley [1852-]511240 & 690050@LoC
Song of the Exile (Serenata dell 'Esule) (Romance) Count Pepoli; English translation by Henry C. Watson 1852-690030@LoC
The Carrier Dove (A Lay of the Minstrel) (Ballad) [31 May] George Pope Morris [1852-]510130, 551700, and 691260@LoC
Thou Art Among the Few (Ballad) J. R. Planche 691990@LoC
'Tis Pleasant to Be Young (Ballad) J. W. Weatherbee [1852-]510160, 692000; arr. for gtr. [1854-]551800 and 731130 all at LoC
It Is the Happy Summer Time (Canzonet) Henry C. Watson 032/054@Levy
Joyful, Joyful Spring (Canzonet) Henry C. Watson William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
La Force (Trois Etudes de Salon No. 3) [1 Aug] none 1853-531800@LoC
La Rapidite (Trois Etudes de Salon No. 2) [16 Apr] none 1853-202120@LoC
Le Dahlia (from Six Valses Elegantes, Fleurs Musicales No. 5) none 100003714@HSM/LoC
O! Thou Omnipotent (Sacred Song) [1 Aug] Henry C. Watson 1853-530850@LoC
Passed Away to Heaven (Ballad) Anson G. Chester William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Sisters of Mercy (Trio for Female Voices) [1 Oct] Edward Fitzball 540750@LoC
The Leaves Are Turning Red (Canzonet) [1 Oct] Henry C. Watson 540860@LoC
The Mother's Smile (Ballad) [25 Nov] Mrs. Mary E. Hewitt 541040@LoC
The Spring and Summer Both Are Past (Canzonet) [1 Oct] Henry C. Watson 540960@LoC
Wild Flowers (Ballad) Delins William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Annie Dear, Good Bye! [19 Oct] Edward Fitzball, 1792-1873 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Dreaming of Thee Forever (Ballad) [29 Aug] Henry C. Watson 551630@LoC
Juliet (Romanza) [24 May] H. F. Chorley 551450@LoC
Melodie Fading Away (Ballad) (Transcibed for the Piano Forte) n/a 760870@LoC
IL SOSTENUTO (Etude de Salon) none @LoC
The Angler's Polka none William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
The Winds That Waft My Sighs to Thee (Ballad) H. W. Challis William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Youth Is Life's Time of May Anon. 560250@LoC
Good Night, and Pleasant Dreams (Tyrolien) [19 Sep] Anson C. Chester 571550@LoC
I Want a Wife; or, the Batcherlor's Invitation Clarence Rawlings Melody by William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865; adapted by Charles Jarvis
Music Murmuring in the Trees (Ballad with Quartette or Chorus) [14 Apr] Mrs. Mary E. Hewitt William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865 from Woodland Sketches No. 2; Adapted/Arranged by Charles Jarvis
Tell Me Some Fond Name (Ballad) Mrs. Mary E. Hewitt William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865 from Woodland Sketches No. 1; Adapted/Arranged by Charles Jarvis
Twenty Four Preludes and Scales [12 Jan] none @LoC
Bring Me My Harp (Ballad) [1 Oct] Edward Fitzball, 1792-1873 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
El Nuevo Jaleo de Jerez (Danse Nationale) [9 Oct] none 30820@LoC
Florence Vane (Ballad) [22 Jan] P. Pendleton Cooke 600600@LoC
I Have Waited for Thy Coming (Ballad) William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Immortal Love, Forever Full [aka We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steeps (Tune: Serenity. C.M. [NOTE: based on Wallace's melody from his Ballad The Winds That Waft My Sighs to Thee (1854); Adapted by Uzziah Christopher Burnap (1834-1900), (1856) John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892) from the poem Our Master in his book In The Panorama, and Other Poems (1856) reprinted in The Methodist Hymnal(1932) and Book of Worship for United States Forces (1974)
Katie Strang (Scotch Ballad) William Whiteman Fosdick, 1825-1862 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Nocturne (Reverie Musicale) [12 Feb] none 350980@LoC
I Love and I Am Happy (Ballad) (Arranged for the Spanish Guitar by Charles Crozat Converse [1832-1918], from BALLADS Composed by Wm. Vincent Wallace, No. 3 of 12) [19 Mar] anonymous 631590@LoC
If Lov'd by Thee (Ballad) (Arranged for the Spanish Guitar by Charles Crozat Converse [1832-1918], from BALLADS Composed by Wm. Vincent Wallace, No. 8 of 12) [27 May] anonymous 610320@LoC
Merrily, Merrily Over the Sea (Barcarole) Henry W. Challis William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
My Prairie Flower (Ballad) (Arranged for the Spanish Guitar by Charles Crozat Converse [1832-1918], from BALLADS Composed by Wm. Vincent Wallace, No. 5 of 12) [19 Apr] anon. 610390@LoC
One Parting Song, and Then Farewell! (Ballad) [2 Jan] H. W. Challis William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865
Summer Night's Caress (Nocturne for the Piano) none 100003718@HSM/LoC
Bright Star of Love Shine On (Serenade) William Whiteman Fosdick, 1825-1862 @Levy
Gondellied none 100003415@HSM/LoC
Sweet Spirit Hear My Prayer (from the Grand Romantic Opera Lurline) Edward Fitzball, 1792-1873 @Levy
The Bell-Ringer (Ballad) [1845?] J. Oxenford an5636892@NLA
My Long Hair Is Braided (from the Grand Opera The Amber Witch) H. F. Chorley 131/046a@Levy
The Sleep of Joy (Song) J. E. Carpenter 131/108@Levy
The Sleep of Sorrow (Song) J. E. Carpenter 131/109@Levy
Bird of the Greenwood (Ritornelle) [published circa 1866; 30 Apr 1884] Mrs. Felicia Dorethea Hemans, 1794-1835 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865 [His last composition written in America.]
The Wood Bird's Song [aka Woodbird's Song] (from PARLOR EDITION, The Vocal Gems of William Vincent Wallace's Romantic Opera The Desert Flower, No. 3) Thomas J. Williams 100009664@HSM/LoC
Bird of the Wild Wing (Song) [music=Gone Is That Calmness, 1847)] [24 Nov] Henry Farnie 11171@LoC; New York: William Hall & Son, Plate No. 6598
The Name Upon the Tree [same music, transposed, with minor variants, as Old Friendship's Smile (1851)] [8 Aug] George Cooper, 1840-1927 1871-03083@LoC
Only a Dream (Ballad) (from the Opera Matilda, or The Maid of Hungary) George Cooper, 1840-1927 William Vincent Wallace, 1812-1865


Year Title
1845 Maritana [Words by Alfred Bunn, Esq.]
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1847 Matilda, or the Maid of Hungary [Words by Alfred Bunn, Esq.]
  • No. 3. One Day I Wandered (RECITATIVO)
  • ------ It Was a Form (AIR CAVATINA)
  • No. 4. She Comes in All Her Loveliness (CAVATINA)
  • ------ Crown, the Sceptre & the Sway (2d. Mvmt.)
  • No. 5. Adieu Fair Land (BALLAD)
  • No. 15. Gone Is the Calmness (BALLAD)
  • No. 16. They Who Would Still Be Happy (BALLAD)
  • No. 22. A Lowly Youth, the Mountain Child (BALLAD)
  • No. 24. In That Devotion Which We Breathe (BALLAD)
  • No. 28. One Gentle Heart (Finale)
1859 Lurline [Words by Edward Fitzball, 1792-1873] [Opera in Three Acts]

ACT 1.

  • Overture
  • No. 1. All Is Silent (Introduction)
  • Mo. 2. Hark! Hark! The King Advanceth (Chorus of Naiads)
  • No. 3. The Naid's Spell (Flow on, on! Silver Rhine)
  • No. 4. When the Night Winds Sweep the Wave (Romance)
  • No. 5. Sail! Sail! on the Midnight Gale (Chorus)
  • No. 6. Oh! Rudolph, Haughty Rudolph Tell (Duet)
  • No. 7. I See By the Grey of Morn (Trio)
  • No. 8. Drain the Cup of Pleasure (Chorus)
  • No. 9. Here's Count Rudolph (Solo)
  • No. 10. Our Bark in Moonlight Beaming (Barcarole)
  • No. 11. When On Yon Rock the Moonbeams (Finale to Act 1)

ACT 2.

  • No. 12 Behold! Behold! (Chorus) and Under a Spreading Coral (Solo)
  • No. 13. From His Palace of Chrystal (Chorus & Dance)
  • No. 14. Sweet Form, That in My Dreamy Gaze (Recit. & Air)
  • No. 15. Take This Cup of Sparkling Wine (Rondo)
  • No. 16. My Rage Beware (Quartet & Chorus)
  • No. 17. As in the Cup the Bead Flied Up (Drinking Song)
  • No. 18. Gentle Troubadour (Ballad)
  • No. 19. Come Away to the Chase (Hunting Chorus)
  • No. 20. The Nectar Cup May Yield Delight (The Father's Love) (Recit. & Ballad)
  • No. 21. Peace to the Mem'ry of the Brave (Chorus)
  • No. 22. Oh! Heavens It Is My Father (Finale to Act 2)

ACT 3.

  • No. 23. Instrumental Introduction
  • No. 24. My Home, My Hear't First Home (Recit. & Ballad)
  • No. 25. Gold & Wine Cure Every Care (Chorus)
  • No. 26. Lady, Let This Arm Sustain Thee (Duet)
  • No. 27. Sad is My Soul and Oh Thou to Whom This Heart (Grand Scena)
  • No. 28. Love, Transient Passion of the Earth (Scena & Air)
  • No. 29. Though the World With Transport Bless Thee (Quartet, unaccompanied)
  • No. 30. Now With Joy Each Blossom (Chorus & Ballet)
  • No. 31. Oh! Lurline My Naiad Queen (Grand Duet)
  • No. 32. Oh! Rudolph! In the Castle We O'erheard (Finale) [to Act 3]
1861 The Amber Witch [Words by Henry F. Chorley] [Romantic Opera in Four Acts]

This list is what was published separately from the original score.

  • No. 1. Good Eve, My Gentle Father (Trio)
  • No. 2. O Never Laugh Sir Knight
  • No. 3. Postman's Song (Do You Want a Letter?)
  • No. 4. Hark How the Chimes (Trio)
  • No. 5. The Commandant's Song (A Soldier Must Forever War Be Waging)
  • No. 6. Haughty Maid
  • No. 7. O Bright Is the Palace Dome
  • No. 8. The Soldier's Song (Go Sing How Our Troup Was the First in War)
  • No. 9. My Long Hair Is Braided
  • No. 10. Oh Lady Moon (Duet)
  • No. 11. Love Me and Fear Not
  • No. 12. 'Till Life at Last Be Over (Duet)
  • No. 13. The Pain of Earth's Most Cruel Wrong
  • No. 14. When the Elves at Dawn Do Pass
  • No. 15. Hope's Glad Echo Round Me Swells
  • No. 16. Come Away, Come Away
  • No. 17. Paid, Paid, Too Long Delayed
  • No. 18. Latin Hymn ([?] perpetua [?])
  • No. 19. I Stand Beside My Grave
  • No. 20. O Am I Dreaming Still

This [originaly unnumbered] list is from the original 381+ page piano/vocal score, as published by Cramer, Beale & Chappell of London.

  • No. 1. Instrumental?Introduction
  • No. 2. First Scene?"The conquer'd foe is flying" (Mary, Elsie, and Chorus)
  • No. 3. Trio?"Good eve, my gentle father" (Mary, Rudiger, and Pastor)
  • No. 4. Ballad?"O never laugh, Sir Knight" (Mary)
  • No. 5. Recitative?"Is not a mountain nigh" (Mary, Rudiger, and Pastor)
  • No. 6. Trio?"Hark! how the chimes" (Mary, Rudiger, and Pastor, with Choruc)
  • No. 7. Postman's Song?"Do you want a letter" (Claus)
  • No. 8. Scena?"A soldier must forever be waging" (Commandant)
  • No. 9. Recitative?"You boast too loud" (Elsie and Commandant)
  • No. 10. Quick movement? "Haughty Maid" (Commandant)
  • No. 11. Recit. & Romance? "O bright is the palace dome" (Rudiger)
  • No. 12. Recitative? "'Tis a famous chorus" (Claus and Chorus)
  • No. 13. Song? "Go, sing how our troup" (Rudiger, with Chorus)
  • No. 14. Rondo? "My long hair is braided" (Mary)
  • No. 15. Finale? "See how you sing your best"
  • No. 16. Quintet? "Did I hear him call'd" (Mary, Elsie, Rudiger, Commandant and Pastor)
  • No. 17. Solo? "O wonder not! I pray for thee" (Rudiger)
  • No. 18. March & Chorus? "Champion of Liberty"
  • No. 19. Introduction? "Up the hill, where meteors guide" (Elsie and Chorus)
  • No. 20. Recitative? "The cloud hath pass'd" (Mary)
  • No. 21. Duet? "Oh Lady Moon! on silver clouds reclining" (Mary and Rudiger, with Chorus)
  • No. 22. Air? "Love me and fear not I fail thee" (Rudiger)
  • No. 23. Duet? "Till life at last be over" (Mary and Rudiger)
  • No. 24. Scene? "To yonder wither'd oak" (Elsie and Chorus)
  • No. 25. Introduction? "Mary, Mary, up! awake!" (Chorus of Women)
  • No. 26. Recit. & Duet.? "The pain of earth's most cruel wrong," (Commandant and Pastor)
  • No. 27. Recitative? "There will the judges be," (Commandant)
  • No. 28. Ballad? "When the elves at dawn" (Mary)
  • No. 29. Scene? "Mary! my child!" (Mary, Commandant, Pastor and Chorus)
  • No. 30. Trio? "Melted is the frost that bound her," (Mary, Commandant, and Pastor)
  • No. 31. Finale? "There she is! the Sorceress"
  • No. 32. Recitative? "Stay, cruel dream" (Rudiger)
  • No. 33. Air? "Lone, oppressed, in prison lying" (Rudiger)
  • No. 34. Recitative? "What is the hour?" (Rudiger, Claus, and Chorus)
  • No. 35. Quick Movement? "Come away! come away!" (Rudiger, with Chorus)
  • No. 36. Recit. & Duet? "Paid, paid, too long delay'd?" (Elsie and Commandant)
  • No. 37. Solo & Chorus? "Ring the bells merrily" (Elsie and Chorus)
  • No. 38. Latin Hymn? "Flos perpetuus rosarum," (Mary)
  • No. 39. Scene & Chorus? "Mock her not" (Mary, Pastor, Commandant, and Chorus)
  • No. 40. Air? "I stand beside my grave" (Mary)
  • No. 41. Soldier's Chorus? "The tyrant shall wake" (Chorus of Men)
  • No. 42. Recitative? "What demon work is this?" (Mary, Rudiger, Claus, Pastor and King)
  • No. 43. Rondo Finale? "Oh! am I dreaming still" (Mary)
1865 The Desert Flower [posthumously published in 1867] [Words by Thomas J. Williams]
  • No. 1. Through the Pathless Forests Drear (Tenor)
  • No. 2. Swift as Dart (Soprano)
  • No. 3. Woodbird's Song (Soprano)
  • No. 4. The Pangs of Unrequited Love (Baritone)
  • No. 5. Why Did I Leave My Country Dear (Bass)
  • No. 6. Though Born in Woods (Tenor)
  • No. 7. Dance Ye Lithely (Soprano)
  • No. 8. Why Throbs This Heart (Soprano)
  • No. 9. Ah! Happy Hour [Duet] (Tenor & Soprano)
  • No. 10. The Desert Waste, the Rocky Steep (Baritone)
  • No. 11. I Make Thee King (Soprano)
  • No. 12. My Loved Home I Never Shall See More (Tenor)
  • No. 13. No Joy Can E'er the Bliss Exceed (Soprano)

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