The Music of John Hill Hewitt
John Hill Hewitt in 1852, portrait from The Dying Girl  John Hill Hewitt in 1836, portrait from Our Hearts Are With Our Native Land
 John Hill Hewitt

John Hill Hewitt was born in Maiden Lane, NY on 11 July 1801 and died in Baltimore, MD at the age of 89 on 7 October 1890. He was married to Estelle Mangin in 1827 until her death in 1860. They had seven children. He remarried in 1863 to Mary Alethea Smith and they had 4 children. One of his son's name was Horatio Dawes Hewitt. His father's first name, as was his brother's, was James. His brother, James Lang Hewitt (1807-1853), was the owner of a prominent music publishing firm under his own name.

His most popular songs were Minstrel's Return From the War (1825), Hark, Brothers, Hark (1837), Aunt Harriet Betcha Stowe (1853), The Young Volunteer (1863), All Quiet on the Potomac To-night (1863), You Are Going to the Wars, Willie Boy! (1863), Somebody's Darling (1864), and Dreaming Forever of Thee (1875).

NOTE: the Source* columns below refer either to: (1) The Lester S. Levy Collection by Box/Item number; (2) the Library of Congress' LCCN or CALL numbers in brackets (which can be used to request copies from the Photoduplication Services Division there); (3) if just labeled "LoC" then it is available at the American Memories webpages at the Library of Congress; (4) Duke University; or, (5) UNC-CH refers to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Music Library. For further info about Hewitt, I recommned two dissertaions: The Life and Music Theater Works of John Hill Hewitt (1972) [#7219959] by William Craig Winden; and John Hill Hewitt: Bard of the Condeferacy [#6410586] (1964) by Coy Elliot Huggins. The latter includes a very definitive Catalog of Musical Works in its Appendix B (pp. 141-172). Both disserations are available from UMI of Ann Arbor, MI. A collection of five of his works (Rip Van Winkle, The Artist's Wife, The Vivandiere, Taken In, and The Musical Enthusiast) are published in The Collected Works of John Hill Hewitt (1994) edited by N. Lee Orr and Lyn Wood Bertrand, published by Garland Publishing (ISBN 0-8153-1370-5). A large collection of Hewitt's works, in manuscript only, are available in the Special Collections Department of the Robert W. Woodruff Library at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. Most of his published works are available at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, Maryland.

SPECIAL THANKS: to Noami Lynn Nelson, Director, Special Collections Digital Archive, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia 30322-2870, for her invaluable support of photocopies of unpublished manuscript scores.


Title Words Source*


Minstrel's Return From the War Hewitt 115/012-7


A Soldier's the Lad I Adore (Vocal Solo) (adapted to the original French air of Le Petite Tambour) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Greek March (for Piano) none Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.


Farewell, Since We Must Part (Adapted to a German Air) [11 Nov.] Hewitt 042/029
Oh! Soon Return (to an air by Mozart) [30 Sep.] adapted by Hewitt 042/095


Oh! Mount Thy Bright and Gallant Steed Hewitt 042/093-4; 360240@LoC
The Soldier's Farewell (adapted to a German air) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.


Girls Beware (Ballad) Hewitt 049/026


Our Native Land (National Song) Hewitt 015/084-5
Rosalie Clare (Vocal Solo) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig Jr.
The Mountain Bugle (rev. and improved in 1839) Hewitt 370830@LoC; 042/084; ns7,7@UNC-CH


Far O'er the Deep Blue Sea (Serenade) R. H. Pratt, Esq. 055/016-a,b
Ray, Love Me Not (adapted to original words) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The Sea Bird (Descriptive Song) Hewitt 042/118


Firemen's Grand March and Gallope [3 March] none 179/056
Master and Pupil (An Instructive Duett Concertante) Hewitt 047/133; 047/134; 047/035; 175/102
The Knight of the Raven Black Flume (circa 1835) Hewitt 116/097-8
The Light Canoe R. Horace Pratt, Esq. 042/072-3


Days of Childhood
(No. 4 of Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/010b
Fatherland! Dear Fatherland! (No. 10 of Songs of the Soiree) Hewitt 042/135b
Grand Military Waltz [24 Feb] none 010750@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
In Smiles We Met (No. 8 of Songs of the Soiree) Hewitt 042/069c
Our Hearts Are With Our Native Land (Song of the American Girl) (No. 1 of Songs of the Soiree) Hewitt 042/105a
She Knew Him Not
(No. 7 from Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/069b
The Bridesmaid (Romantic Ballad) Hewitt 100/028-9; ns3,50@UNC-CH; 361490@LoC
The Bugle Horn (A Hunting Song)
(No. 3 from Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/010a
The Fairmount Quadrilles

(including dance steps,
melodies attributed to Walch:
1: Anne; 2: Caroline; 3: Leonora; 4: Ellen; and 5: "The Waltz" by Richter)

none 163/083; 033/063; 010720@LoC
The Knight from Palestine (Romantic Ballad) (circa 1836) Hewitt 042/064
The Lake Spirit's Song
(No. 6 from Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/069a
The Nahant Quadrilles

(includes dance steps:
1: Rebecca; 2: Estelle; 3: Laura;
4: Georgette; 5: Sophia)

none 055/035-6; 1837-010930@LoC
The Sun-Bright Isle
(No. 5 from Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/010c
Village Belle
(No. 9 from Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/135a
Why Comes He Not?
(No. 2 from Songs of the Soiree)
Hewitt 042/105b


Ah! Fondly I Remember (Ballad) [16 Aug] Hewitt 361710@LoC; Philadelphia: John F. Nunns
Away to My Mountain Home, Away (Vocal Solo) Robert Grant, Esq. Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Hark, Brothers Hark! (A Regatta Song) J. H. Willis 026/038; 361720@LoC
The Cavalier Rode on His Coal Black Steed Hewitt 043/029; 042/069; 042/016
The Crow Quadrilles (arr.)

(1: Jim Crow;
2: Sich a Gittin Up Stairs;
3: Sittin on a Rail;
4: Clare de Kitchin;
5: Bone Squash Diabolo)

none 056/018@Levy; 010990@LoC
The Crow Quadrilles (arr.)

(1: Zip Coon;
2: My Long Tail Blue;
3: Jim Brown;
4: Gumbo Chaff;
5: Dinah Waltz (Imbitation of Massa Straw))

none 017/016-9; 056/020


Fair Lady, Wake! (Duett)[15 Jun] Hewitt 361760@LoC
Garde Vous (from the Operetta The Prisoner of Rochelle) [18 Oct] Hewitt 361960@LoC
Sweet Mariette (altered from a German Melody) [30 Jul] adapted by Hewitt 362100@LoC
The New Brighton Quadrilles

(1: The Promanade
2: Pauline
3: The Pavilions
4: The Bell
5: New Brighton Waltz)

none 034/033; 011330@LoC
The Moonbeams Are Kissing the Wave (Ballad) [composed by I. T. Stoddard] Hewitt 122/063
The Odd Fellows Grand Prominade March (aka The Oddfellow's March) none 178/067
Ye Burning Stars[!] (Recitativo & Polacca) (from the pastoral oratorio Flora's Festival) Hewitt 035/124@Levy; 362050@LoC


Away Then to the Mountains (adapted to a Favorite Melody from Emilie) [4 Oct] Hewitt 370600@LoC
Cremona Waltz [26 Apr] none 012060@LoC
We Speak of Her As One Long Gone (Song) (music by Joseph Philip Knight, 1812-1887) [20 Jun] Hewitt 370620@LoC
While the Evening Star Was Shining (adapted to a familiar National Melody [Yankee Doodle]) Hewitt 370850@LoC


I Am Far from My Native Home Hewitt 181/132-3
Mary, Now the Seas Divide Us (A Southern Refrain) [16 Dec] Written & Adapted by J. T. S. Sullivan Esqr. 371780@LoC
O K Gallopade none 041/047; 015/031
The Betrothed (Ballad) Hewitt 100/014-5


Fall of the Oak (Vocal Solo) G. Hill, Esq. Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
I've Torn Thine Image from My Heart Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Our Flag Is There (Patriotic Song) Hewitt 015/068


Mr. & Mrs. Snibbs (Comic Duett) Hewitt 049/051
The Old Elm Tree (Patriotic Ballad) Hewitt 039/077; ns54,24&UNC-CH
The Old Family Clock [1 Nov] Hewitt 381980@LoC; Baltimore: Samuel Carusi


Come, Soldiers, Come; or, Hewitt's Quick Step March (for Piano) none Baltimore: Samuel Carusi
Eleanora Waltz [21 Oct] none 031770@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Piney Point Waltz [c1843; 10 Jan 1844] none 031750@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The Saint of Erine Isle (Vocal Solo) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
When Thou Wer't True F. W. Thomas, Esq. 102/124


Ho! for a Rover's Life; or, The Song of a Pirate (Descriptive Ballad) [20 Jun] Hewitt 391600@LoC ;1846-os41,24@UNC-CH: New York: James L. Hewitt & Co.
Lady Awaken (Serenade) [14 Sep] Hewitt? 400240@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Linger Not Long! [19 Apr] Hewitt 400540@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Lizzie Green [19 Apr] Hewitt 400550LoC; Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Sleeping I Dreamed, Love Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hewitt, 1807-1894 125/109; 106/173; 125/110
The Alpine Horn (A Tyrollean) [20 Jun] Hewitt 391290@LoC
The Kentucky Gentleman (Ballad) Hewitt 004/063; 391240@LoC
The Mournful Good Night [20 Jun] Dr. John C. McCabe 391170@LoC
The Whig Rally (adapted to the Wreckers Daughter) [4 Jun] Hewitt @LoC
'Tis Home Where'er the Heart Is (arr. by Hewitt) Robert Dale Owen (from the Drama of Pocohantas) 400470@LoC; ns5,38@UNC-CH
We're Afloat or The Midshipman's Farewell [3 Aug] Hewitt 400370@LoC


Cease Troubled Bosom (from the Oratorio of Jephtha) Hewitt [M1.A13H (Case)]
Come, Take the Gentle Harp of Sorrow (Song of Josephine from the "Rival Harp") (adapted to a Greek melody) Hewitt 401950@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
I'm Still Thine Own (adapted to a favorite Melody) Hewitt 402050@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Love Strong in Death [28 Aug] Hewitt 402030LoC; Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Oh! Give Me the Mountains (adapted to Michelle Carafa's [1787-1872] melody La Violette [30 May] Hewitt 401900@LoC; Philadelphia: George Willig
The Arlington Waltzes

(1: The Picnic; 2: The Potomac;
3: The Bird Carol; 4: The Fountain;
5: The Sunset)

none 040/008@Levy; 051340@LoC
The Attache Hewitt 402160@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
We're Out Upon the Moonlight Wave (Ballad) [18 Jun] Hewitt 401970@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.


Can I Forget Thee (Ballad) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Come Be My Love (a Chinese song, adapted) Hewitt Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Go, We Must Meet No More (Ballad) [26 Dec] Hewitt 411650@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen, Plate No. 989
Her Heart's Not There Hewitt 411540@LoC
How Beautiful Appears (from the oratorio Jeptha) Hewitt 125/029
Joy Flies the Peaceful Valley [11 Mar] (Duett, from the oratorio Jephtha) Hewitt 410740@LoC; New York: Firth & Hall, 1 Franklin Sq. and New York: Firth, Hall & Pond, 239 Broadway
Let Washington Rest; or,Washington's Grave Hewitt 003/072; 014/057
Lowland Fanny (from Songs of the Old Dominion, No. 2) Hewitt 035/062
My Beauteous Child (from the Oratorio Jeptha) Hewitt 125/077; 791040@LoC
On to the Charge! Hewitt 086/073; os102,29@UNC-CH
Thus the Bright and Beautiful (Aria from the Oratorio Jephtha) [16 Mar] Hewitt 410670@LoC; New York: Firth & Hall
We're Out Upon the Moonlight Wave (Ballad) (Arr. for Guitar by Adolph Schmitz) [18 Nov] Hewitt 411000@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.


The Fall of Mexico (Military Divertimento) none 086/032
The Moon Is Dancing on the Sea (from Songs of the Old Dominion, No. 1) Hewitt 035/066-7; os41,36@UNC-CH
The Old Church [29 Dec] Dr. John C. McCabe 431120@LoC; 041/048; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
The Prisoner and the Swallow (adapted to a melody by A. Croises) [30 Dec] Hewitt 1857-621950@LoC; Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey
Yes, I Will Leave the Throng with Thee (Answer to Oh, Share My Cottage, Gentle Maid) Hewitt Baltimore: Frederick D. Benteen


Columbia, Thou Land Great and Glorious Hewitt Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Go and Ask My Mother (Comic Ballad) Hewitt 049/027; 052/015; 035/031
Mary Blane (Ballad) (arr. by J. Hunter) [21 Nov] 'new version' by Hewitt 450410@loC; at Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore
Oh, Have I Not Been True to Thee (adapted to a beautiful melody) Hewitt 640380@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The Maid of Monterey (Vocal Solo) [arranged for Guitar, 2 Jan 1851] (from Illustrations of the Mexican War) (adapted to a Mexican melody) Hewitt Baltimore: F. D. Benteen; 1851-520180@LoC


Hark, 'Tis the Boatman's Horn (Ballad) (adapted) Hewitt Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Leap O'er the Waves, Song of the Buccaneer (partly composed by Hewitt) Hewitt 641430@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Look From Thy Lattice Gentle Lady (A Serenade) (adapted) Hewitt 641470@LoC
Look Up On That Banner (Song of the Patriot Mother to Her Son) (adapted and arranged) R. Horace Pratt 014/068-9
My Heart's With Thee (Ballad) [15 Mar] Hewitt 461690@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Sing, and Remember Me (music by William Cumming Peters, 1805-1866) Hewitt 614290@LoC
The Fountain Polka [5 Dec] none 120160@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
There's Love for You & Me (adapted and arranged by Hewitt) [8 May] Thomas Hood 461850@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The Sun Was Slowly Setting (Ballad) (Adapted to Music by [Mrs.] Estelle Hewitt) [5 Dec] John Hill Hewitt 461550@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen, Plate No. 1621
You Cannot Doubt My Love (Ballad) [29 Oct] Hewitt 451510@LoC; Boston, MA: Oliver Ditson
You Remember When We Parted (Ballad) Hewitt 035/126; 461630@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Veni, Vidi, Vici (I Came, I Saw, I Conquer'd) (adapted)(Comic Ballad) [8Feb] Hewitt 461720@LoC


Grand Promenade March (from Evenings at Home, No. 13) [12 Apr] Hewitt 140910@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
I Will Often Think of Thee (adapted to a melody by Savero Mercandante, 1795-1870)[25 Oct] Hewitt 481420@LoC; os41,18@UNC-CH
Let Us Hope for the Best (Ballad) [31 July] Hewitt 472000@LoC
Oh, Have You Seen My Spanish Lady (A Romance) [23 Oct] Hewitt 480840@LoC; Philadelphia: A. Fiot
She Wept to Know She Lov'd (music by William Cumming Peters, 1805-1866) (Ballad) [6 Jun] Hewitt 481700@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig Jr.
Song of the Hungarian Exile (Vocal Solo) [12 Apr] "The Bard of Baltimore" 481710@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
The Dying Trumpeter [2 Dec] Hewitt 471460@LoC; 661170@LoC; New York: William Hall & Son
The Jenny Lind Song (Polka) (adapted) Hewitt 481770@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
The Loved One (Ballad) Mrs. Mary W. Hoopes 042/075-6
The Single Man (Comic Song) (adapted by Hewitt) Hewitt 051/086
The Union Forever (Patriotic Song) (Adapted to a melody from Lucia di Lammermoor [1835, by Gaetano Donizetti, 1797-1848] by Hewitt) Hewitt 016/091
The Very Little Maid (A Comical Little Ballad) [25 Feb] Hewitt 451200@LoC; Philadelphia, PA: A. FIOT


Call Me Thine Own (Vocal Solo) [22 May] (adapted from the Comic Opera, L'Eclair, 1835, by Jacques Francois Fromental Elie Halevy, 1799-1862) Hewitt 500830@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Can You Not Read in My Eyes (Waltzing Song) (adapted from a French Melody) [7 Apr] Hewitt 491870@LoC
Et Cetera (Comic Song) Hewitt 050/028
I'm Only Sixteen (from Songs of the Alleghanians) Hewitt 047/075; 022/080-1
It Wont Bear Mentioning Hewitt 050/050
Let Me Sleep My Last Sleep in the Land of My Birth (No. 1, from Richard Turner's "Ballad Openings, at Tripler Hall, New York.)" Hewitt 680840@LoC; New York: William Hall & Son
Magnolia Polka [25 Mar] none 161230@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Moonlight (From the Oratorio of the Fairy Bridal) [20 May] Hewitt 500850@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Sweet Kitty Neal (Vocal Solo) [11 Oct] Hewitt? 580680@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The American Boy Hewitt 500700@LoC; Baltimore: G. Willig Jr.
The Flag of Cuba [14 Nov] John T. Humphreys Esqr. 500980@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
They Said Thou Wer't Another's (Ballad) [4 Sep] Hewitt 491180@LoC; New York: Firth, Pond & Co.
Union Quick Step (adapted to the air O! Would I Were a Boy Again) none 161450@LoC; 661850@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
Widow'd Love Hewitt Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey


Do I Not Love Thee [6 Jan] Mrs. H. Marion Stephens 520210@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig Jr.
Down Below (An Ethiopian Song) [17 Feb] Hewitt 520250@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
El Dorado Polka none 040/077
Elodie, 'Tis My Last Parting Song (Vocal Solo) [6 Nov] Hewitt 520490@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen & Co.
Happy Land Waltz none 690720@LoC
I Knew Thou Would'st Return Frederick William Thomas, 1806-1866 n0214@Duke
I Would Not Die at All
(Parody on I Would Not Die in Springtime
[by Stephen C. Foster])
Hewitt 067/076; 690710@LoC
Julia, "In a Lone Quiet Spot" [27 Sep] William H. Morgan 520350@LoC; Baltimore: J. E. Boswell
My Mountain Kate (Vocal Solo and Chorus) [23 Nov] Hewitt 520260@LoC; Baltimore: J. E. Boswell
Shaker's Quick Step [20 Mar] none 191110@LoC; Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Sweet Rosa's Lips (Vocal Trio) (Catch) [also see "Miss Bodkin's Charms (1886)] Hewitt Emory: manuscript (OP3 9)
The Boarding School

(1: Dawning of the Day;
2: Allegro Animato;
3: Polly, Put the Kettle On;
4: Poco Adagio;
5: The Breakfast Bell (ad libitum);
6: Allegro Vivace;
7: Breakfast Polka;
8: The Music Room;
9: The Young Beginners;
10: The Proficient;
11: The Vocal Department;
12: Recreation. Skipping Rope Waltz;
13: The Examination;
14: Breaking Up of School (Good Bye);
15: The Vacation;
16: Home, Sweet Home;
17: Piu Animato)

none 039/016@Levy; 191430@LoC; 1853-711050@LoC
The Cot in the Valley [29 Nov] Hewitt 520290@LoC; Baltimore: J. E. Boswell
The Dying Girl Hewitt 035/020-2; 520590@LoC
The Fine Old Southern Lady [9 Sep] Hewitt 520320@LoC; Baltimore: George Willig
The Indian Polka none 039/050; 190960@LoC; 1853-711140@LoC
The Jackdaws (Comic Ballad for the Olden Time) [20 Aug] Hewitt 520540@LoC; Baltimore: G. Willig
Will You Love Me, Jennie Dear [aka Will You Love Me, Jennie?] Hewitt 035/119


Aunt Harriet Beecha Stowe Charles Soran, Esq. 035/005@Levy; 550190@LoC
I'll Love Thee Then [13 Dec] Finley Johnson Esq. 550270@LoC; Baltimore: Miller & Beacham
Let's Sit Down and Talk Together [21 Nov] from Mackellar's Droppings from the Heart 550260@LoC; Baltimore: Miller & Beacham
Oh! While Adown Life's Stream We Guide [24 May] J. Fred. Simmons 550180@LoC
Our Fireside at Home (for one or two voices; adapted)[2 Feb] Hewitt 550140@LoC; Baltimore: Miller and Beacham
Where Art Thou! [2 Feb] Nydia 550130@LoC; Baltimore: Miller and Beacham


Few Day's Hewitt 022/045-6
Mid Carolina's Mountains C. L. Hunter, M.D. Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
My Childhood's Happy Home (Vocal Solo) D. P. Hoffman, M.D. Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The Prima Donna Song (music from "The Prima Donna" (valse) by Louis Jullien, 1812-1860; arranged by F. W. Barbour) [19 Jan] Hewitt 561190@LoC; Baltimore: Miller & Beacham
You'll Miss Me Then Hewitt Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey


Annie Bell (Vocal Solo) F. Harrison, Jr. Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey


I'm Thine Alone [1 Jul] May Allan 621470@LoC; Baltimore: Miller & Beacham
The Wild Dream Is Past (adapted to the melody of Lenschow) Hewitt Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey
When Winds O'er the Lake Are Creeping Hewitt Baltimore: Miller and Beacham


I Cannot Love Another Eugene Raymond [pseud. for Hewitt] a3272@Duke
Our Home's on the Dancing Wave [8 Oct] Hewitt 621820@LoC; Baltimore: Miller and Beacham
Scenes That I Loved in Childhood's Cloudless Hour (adapted from an opera by Gaetano Donizetti, 1797-1848) Hewitt (using the pseud. Eugene Raymond) Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
This Then I'll Say How Much I Love Hewitt Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey
Tis True That I Have Flirted Finley Johnson Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey
You Don't Say So Hewitt Baltimore: Henry McCaffrey


Loely Anna Sir Walter Scott (from Ivanhoe) 065/064


Anna Marye James Maeder Magruder 042/006
Away to the Prairie, Away (Vocal Solo) Hewitt Baltimore: Miller and Beacham
Dear Land of the South Eugene Raymond [pseud. for Hewitt] Songs of Yesterday: pp. 363-4
Flag of the Sunny South (circa 1860s) E. V. Sharp conf184@Duke
I Love My Native Land the Best W. H. Hayward, Esq. 014/011-2


A Light in the Window for Thee (Ballad) anonymous Baltimore: Miller and Beacham
Rock Me to Sleep, Mother Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Akers Allen, 1832-1911 (using the pseud. Florence Percy) 094/084-6; UNC-CH; (1861) music1204Duke; (1862) conf346@Duke
Santa Lucia (Vocal Solo) Translated by Hewitt Baltimore: Miller and Beacham


The South Charlie Wildwood 094/109


All Quiet on the Potomac To-night Mrs. Ethel Lynn Elliot Beers, or, Lamar Fontaine 093/7-9; Duke
Dixie, the Land of King Cotton
(from the Military Operetta The Vivandiere)
Capt. Hughes of Vicksburgh 093/045; Duke
I Will Meet Thee Hewitt 093/094; w1,24@UNC-CH; conf228@Duke
Southern War Song (vocal solo, composed at Columbus, Georgia) Hewitt Emory: in manuscript
The Soldier's Farewell: or, The South Shall Yet Be Free (adapted to the French Air Partant Pour La Syne) Hewitt conf367@Duke
The Stonewall Quickstep none 095/107-8; conf0398@Duke
The Unknown Dead Hewitt 094/154; os3,3@UNC-CH; Duke
The Young Volunteer Hewitt 094/193
You Are Going to the Wars, Willie Boy! (Ballad) Hewitt conf0452@Duke


Freedom's Muster Drum Hewitt 093/061; conf0187@Duke
Oh, Come to Me, Love, in a Beautiful Dream (adapted to the air of Mollie's Dream) Hewitt 093/171
Somebody's Darling Marie Ravenal de la Coste (?-1936) 094/103; conf370@Duke
Take Me Home (arr.; melody by Herman L. Schreiner ?) Hewitt (using the pseud. of Eugene Raymond) conf73@Duke
Three Cheers for Our Jack Morgan (music by Daniel Decatur Emmett, 1815-1904) Hewitt (using the pseud. Eugene Raymond) conf0410@Duke
When Upon the Field of Glory
(Answer to When This Cruel War Is Over) (music by Herman L. Schreiner)
Hewitt conf0443@Duke
Yes We Think of Thee at Home (Answer to Do They Think of Me at Home) (music by E. Clarke Ilsey) Hewitt 094/192; conf85@Duke


Dreaming of Thee (Ballad) J. Dickson Bruns, M. D. 093/048-9; conf164@Duke
Why Do We Love So Fondly Hewitt Baltimore: William C. Miller


Claribel (from Confederate Songs Published During the War) Charlie Wildwood 200001863@LoC/IHAS/CWM
I'm Thinking of You Now Mary, or Thou Art Lost to Me anon. 093/108


Twine a Laurel Wreath Hewitt 131/013


Requiem on the Death of Gen. R. E. Lee [12 Oct.?] (chorus for mixed voices) Hewitt Emory: manuscript (OP3 8)


Dreaming Forever of Thee Hewitt LoC


Memories of Love Charles A. McNamee 10515@LoC
The Voice of the Waves (Descriptive Ballad) Hewitt LoC


How Can I Love Thee, Land of the Vine? (Duett for Soprano and Tenor) Hewitt Emory: manuscript (OP3 9)


Clemie Here, Clemie There (Vocal Solo) Hewitt Emory: manuscript (from OP3 7)


Miss Bodkin's Charms (Vocal Trio) (Catch) Hewitt Emory: manuscript (from OPS3 9)


Annabel Lee (Vocal Solo) Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849 Emory: manuscript
Bells (Quartette) Hewitt Emory: manuscript (OPS3 8)


Jesus, Lead Me - I Am Blind (Vocal Solo: a Revery written and composed whilst confined to his fatal sick couch, in his eighty-ninth year.) [June] Hewitt Emory: in manuscipt (from OP3 7)


Title Words Source*
Alfin Brillar (Cavatina) (Music by Luigi Ricci) English words by Hewitt Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
Come While the Nightengale Sings to the Rose (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Freedom's Battle Storm Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Hearts of Steel (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Here's the Bower (Vocal Duet and Chorus) Hewitt Baltimore: F. D. Benteen
I've Wander'd Far from Thee, Mother (music by Dr. J. M. Johnson) Alpha (pseud. for Hewitt) Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore
I Go, My Friends, I Go (music by Francis R. Brown) Hewitt Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore
Lightly We Skim O'er the Sparkling Sea (adapted from a Brazilian Barcarole by Eugene Raymond [pseud. for Hewitt]) Eugene Raymond (pseud. for Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.; manuscript at Emory
Mary, Oft I'll Think of Thee (Vocal Solo) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
My Southern Home (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.; manuscript at Emory
None Remember Me (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Now, This Cruel War Is Over (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
O'er the Deep Sea Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Oh! Must We Part to Meet No More Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Oh! Thou Who Lov'st to Hear My Prayer Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Once More at Home (c1866+) Hewitt ???
One Kiss Before We Go (Vocal Solo) R. Horace Pratt, Esq. Baltimore: John Cole
Our Gallant Bark (Glee) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Parting Song (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.; at Emory
Robert! Thou Whom I Love (music by Giacomo Meyerbeer, 1791-1864) Words translated by Hewitt Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore
Roxalana (Variations on a Theme from Haydn's Overtures, adapted for the piano) none Philadelphia: Carr and Society
Santa Anna's L.E.G. Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Sister Waltzes none Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Snow Drop Waltzes none Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Sweet Memories of Thee (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
The Alamo Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
The Ladie's Man (adapted to a popular melody) Hewitt Baltimore: George Willig, Jr.
The Voice of the Weaver (c1866+) Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Trust No in Life, Love Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson
We Were Children Together Hewitt New York: Firth, Hall and Pond
Where the Sweet Magnolias Grow Hewitt Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Wilt Thou Go Far Away? Hewitt Baltimore: Oliver Ditson and Co.
Yes, I Will Leave the Festival Hall Hewitt Baltimore: Oliver Ditson and Co.


Title Words
Ahmed al Kamal (Hunting Chorus for men's voices) and Holy Sherman York Hewitt
Array'd in Dances of Golden Light (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Battle Song (Vocal Solo) J. J. Stewart [pseud. for Hewitt]
Bung Your Eye (An Old Scotch Song) none
Chorus of Winds (Chorus for Mixed Voices) Hewitt
Come Dwell With Me (Song of the Chamois Hunter) Hewitt
Come, Tune, My Boys, and See That You Accord (Glee for Men's Voices) Hewitt
Cool Night Wind (Vocal Solo) Hewitt [words are no longer readable]
Corn Riggs (Rondo for Piano) none
Darling Jane (Adapted to a Mesica Melody) Hewitt
Darling, Tell Me Yes John G. Lasce
Days of Childhood (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Dear Lisa List (Serenade for Men's Voices) Hewitt
Do You Love Me, Jennie? (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Ellen Vane (Vocal Solo) anon.
Fair Lady, Awake (Glee for Men's Voices) Hewitt
Farm Yard March (for Piano) none
Finale (Chorus for Mixed Voices) Hewitt
Friendship (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Good Night, Sweetheart (Vocal Solo) anon.
Guitar (composition for guitar written from Mrs. M. T. Cox) none
Hans Farewell Song (written for a good-natured German who was about to sell his business and return to his fatherland. He sand it as a farewell treat.) Hewitt
High on the Mountain the Last Sunbeams Sleep (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Him, the Almighty Power (No. 1) (Chorus for Mixed Voices) Hewitt
I Live for Thee (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
I Shouldn't Like to Tell (Vocal Solo) [by Fred Buckley?; arr.?] S. C.
If You Love Me, Tell Me So (Vocal Solo) Emilia Lillian Whiting
I'll Count the Hours (Vocal Solo) F. W. Thomas, Esqr.
I'm Thinking of My Mother (Version 1) (Version 2) (Vocal Solo) (circa 1861-65) Hewitt
In Smiles We Met (Vocal Duet) Hewitt
Jannet (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Jennie, Do You Love Me? (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Lament of the Swiss Mountaineers (Quartette [for Men's Voices]) Hewitt
Laughing Quartette [for Men's Voices] Hewitt
Let Me Kiss My Mother's Picture (Vocal Solo) [circa 1870] Hewitt
Lilly Dale (Song and Chorus) (by H. S. Thompson, 1852; arr.) H. S. Thompson, 1852
Look From Your Wider (Ethiopian Serenade [for Alto, Tenor and Bass]) Hewitt
Lord Ullan's Daughter (Glee for Men's Voices) Hewitt
Matrimonial Squabble (Duett for Soprano and Tenor) Hewitt
Medly Trio (for clarinet and two flutes) none
Melody of a Dripping Water Pipe (for piano) none
Memories That Cling to the Heart (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Minnie Moore--Love Making by the Sea (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Moonlight (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Music of Captain Jack Hewitt
My Home Among the Hills (from the German air, Der Krieger und seine Flasche) (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
My Love She Was a Bonnie Lassie (Vocal Solo) Joseph J. Stewart
Ode for the 4th of July (part song for mixed voices) Hewitt
Ode in Praise of Mechanic Arts (chorus for mixed voices) Hewitt
Oh, Do Not Chide Me When I Weep (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Our Gallant Bark Is on the Deep (Glee for Men's Voices) Hewitt
Over the Sea (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Overture (for brass and woodwinds) none
Quadrille (for piano) none
Rosabel (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Serenade (Duett and Chorus) Hewitt
Song of a King Crab (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Song of the Bell (chorus for mixed voices, with solos) Hewitt
Song of the Forge (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Song of the 'Resurrection Men' (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Song Set to a Melody Made by an Ungreased Cart Wheel (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Table Glee (for Men's Voices) Hewitt
Temperance Glee (for Men's Voices) Hewitt
The Alpine Horn (Duet) (circa 1843 or '44) Hewitt
The Bard's Last Song (Partly from a Norman melody) Hewitt
The Child's Choice (a trio for children's voices, topical song) Hewitt
The Dreams of Early Youth Have Fled Hewitt
The Festive Mosquito (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The German Serenaders (trio for STB w/solos) Hewitt
The Land of King Cotton (Piano Solo) none
The Maiden and the Brook (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The May Queen (chorus for mixed voices) Hewitt
The Merry Bells Will Ring (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The Mocking Bird (Vocal Solo) (circa 1864) Hewitt
The Origin of Bock Beer (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The Raven (Mixed Chorus) Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849
The Stuttering Lover (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The Trooper's Farewell (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The Tune the Old Cow Died On (A Pathetic Ballad) (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
The Wreckers (Vocal Duet) Hewitt
Thou Art Another's (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Thus Will We Pass the Merry, Merry Night (quartet for men's voices) Hewitt
To Mrs. J. F. Thomas's Dog, Nigger (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
To My Grandson on His Donning Pants and Jacket (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Warrior Troop (a march for flute, horns, clarinets, trumpet, bugle, trombone, and bassoon) none
When Morning Mists (Vocal Solo) Hewitt
Women's Rights (Duet) Hewitt
Why Fall These Tears (Vocal Solo) William W. Skaats


Rip Van Winkle (Comic Opera in 3 Acts: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3)Hewitt1851
Taken In (Comic Operetta in 3 Acts: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3)Miss Fanny StewartDecember 1879
The Artist's Wife (Operetta in 3 Acts: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3)HewittJuly 1863
The Musical Enthusiast (Parlor Operetta in 2 Parts: Part 1 and Part 2)Hewitt1872
The Prisoner of Montery; or, The Secret Panel (Farce)Hewitt1863
The Vivandiere (Military Operetta in 3 Acts) (Act 1, Act 2, Act 3)Hewitt1862; rev. 1868; rev. 1879


among which were, separately published, the following [see above]:
    Cease Troubled Bosom (Recitiva and Aria) (1845)
    How Beautiful Appears (Duet) (1846)
    Joy Flies the Peaceful Valley (Duet) (11 Mar 1846)
    Thus the Bright and Beautiful (Aria) (16 Mar 1846)
    My Beautious Child (Recitava and Air) (1846)


Flora's Festival
(Flora and Forester, Arr. by Thomas Martin Towne, 1904)
Hewitt; Edited by William Batchelder Bradbury, 1816-1868
(Lyrics to Flora and Forester)
(1838, 1863); 1847
The Fairy BridalHewitt1871
The Revellers (Juvenile Cantata in Two Parts)Hewitt1848; 1874


Title Words Year
Ben BoltHewitt1863
Female LobbyistHewitt1874
Heart StrugglesHewitt1866
King Linkum the First (musical burletta)Hewitt1863
Lingomar the SeminoleHewitt1863
Link by LinkHewitt1873
Little LouHewitt1876
Mother and DaughterHewitt1878
Protector WantedHewitt1863
The AvengersHewitt1876
The Battle of Leesburg (melodrama)Hewitt1862
The Broken PledgeHewitt1873
The CarbonariHewitt1873
The CourierHewitt1863
The Exempt; or, Beware of the Conscript OfficerHewitt1863
The Female VolunteerHewitt1876
The GovernessHewitt1853
The Jayhawker????????
The Log Hut????????
The Lone Star of CubaHewitt1873
The Marquis in Petticoats????????
The Polish MartyrHewitt1866
The Roll of the DrumHewitt1863
The Scouts; or, The Plains of Manassas (melodrama)Hewitt1861
The VeteranHewitt1863
WashingtonHewitt1832; 1875


Miscellaneous Poems1838
War, a Poem with Copius Notes, Founded on the Revolution of 1861-621861
Shadows on the Wall or Glimpses of the Past (A Retrospect of the Past Fifty Years) [Sketches of Noted Persons Met with by the Author. Anecdotes of Various Authors, Musicians, Journalists, Actors, Artisans, Merchants, Lawyers, Military Men, &c. &c. Met with in Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, and other Southern Cities. Also the Historical Poem of De Soto, or the Conquest of Florida, and Minor Poems.]1877

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