The Music of
Victor August Herbert


Victor August Herbert was born in Dublin, Ireland on 1 February 1859, and died in New York, New York, on 26 May 1924, at the age of 65. His parents were Edward Herbert (?-1861) and Fanny Lover. She later married Dr. Carl Schmidt of Langenargen, Germany. Herbert was a grandson of the Irish novelist, playwright and composer Samuel Lover (Feb. 1797 - 6 July 1868). Herbert was trained by Max Seifriz in Germany, at the Stuttgart Conservatory in 1876. In 1886, he married the Viennese opera soprano singer Therese Foerster. They had two children, Ella and Gilbert. He played cello and also was a bandmaster and conductor. He was co-founder of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), serving as vice president for a decade.

Of particular merit worth mentioning are the efforts of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project.

A summary of his complete works by category follows:

  •  2 Operas

  • 43 Operettas

  •  2 Sketches

  • 10 Incedental Music to Stage Productions of Others

  • 21 Compositions for Orchestra

  •  6 Compositions for Symphonic Orchestra

  •  4 Compositions for String Orchestra

  • 10 Orchestrations Arranged of Works by Other Composers

  • 18 Unpublished Orchestrations of the Works of Other Composers

  •  9 Band Compositions

  •  9 Cello Compositions with Piano or Orchestra

  •  5 Violin Compositions with Piano or Orchestra

  • 22 Piano Compositions

  •  1 Flute and Clarinet Duet with Orchestra

  • 45 Songs [not including those from Other Works]

  •  9 Songs Adapted to Words from His Instrumental Themes

  • 12 Choral Compositions

  •  1 Cantata


1900Natoma (three acts)
published separately:
In My Dreams
When the Sunlight Dies (Serenade)
Vaquero's Song
I List the Trill in Golden Throat
Beware of the Hawk, My Baby (Indian Lullaby) [lyrics]
Four Dances (No. 1, Habanera; No. 2, Minuet; No. 3, Panuelo; and No. 4, Dagger Dance)
Joseph D. Redding
1914Madeleine (one act)Grant Stewart (adapted from the French of Decourcelles and Thibaut)


1894Prince Ananias [2 acts]Francis Neilson, 1867-1961; +Fred Dixon
1895The Wizard of the Nile [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
1896The Gold BugGlen MacDonough, 1870-1924
1897The Idol's Eye [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
The Serenade [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
1898The Fortune Teller [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
1899 The Singing Girl [3 acts]Stanislaus Stange; Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Cyrano de Bergerac [3 acts]Stuart Reed; Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
The Ameer [3 acts]Frederic Rancken and Kirke La Shelle
1900The Viceroy [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
1903 Babette [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Babes in Toyland [3 acts] [musical extravaganza]Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924; +Vincent Bryan, +Charles Noel Douglas
1905 Mlle. Modiste [2 acts]Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
It Happened in Nordland [prologue and 2 acts]Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
Miss Dolly Dollars [2 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Wonderland [3 acts] [musical extravaganza] [aka Alice and the Eight Princesses]Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924 [based on Aice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll, and The Dancing Princess, by the Brothers Grimm]; +Vincent Bryan
1906 The Red Mill [2 acts]Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Dream City [2 acts] [always presented with The Magic Knight]Edgar Smith
The Magic Knight [1 act]Edgar Smith
1907The Tattooed Man [2 acts]A. N. C. Fowler and Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
1908 The Prima Donna [2 acts]Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Little Nemo [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936 [founded on the cartoon by Winsor MacKay]
1909 The Rose of Algeria [2 acts]Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
Old DutchEdgar Smith (adapted from the German); George V. Hobart
1910 Naughty Marietta [2 acts]Rida Johnson Young, 1869-1926
When Sweet Sixteen [2 acts]George V. Hobart
1911 The Enchantress [2 acts]Fred de Gesac and Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
The Duchess [3 acts] (aka Mlle. Rosita)Joseph Herbert and Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
1912The Lady of the Slipper [3 acts]Ann Caldwell, Lawrence McCarty; James O'Dea
1913 The Madcap Duchess [2 acts]David Stevens and Justin Huntly McCarthy
Sweethearts [2 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936, and Fred de Gesac; Rober Bach Smith
1914 The Debutante [2 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936; Robert Bache Smith, 1875-1951
The Only Girl [3 acts]Henry Blossom, 1866-1919 [adapted from Frank Mandel's play Our Wives (a comedy)]
1915The Princess Pat [3 acts]Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
1917 Eileen [3 acts] (aka The Hearts of Erin)Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Her Regiment [3 acts]William LeBaron
1919 The Velvet Lady [3 acts]Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Angel Face [3 acts]Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936; Robert Bache Smith
My Golden Girl [2 acts]Frederic Arnold Kummer
1920 The Girl in the Spotlight [2 acts]Harry Bache Smith; Robert Bache Smith
Oui MadameG. M. Wright and Robert Bache Smith; Robert Bache Smith
1922Orange BlossomsFred de Gesac (based on his play The Marriage of Kitty); B. G. (Buddy) DeSylva
1924Dream GirlRida Johnson Young, 1869-1926 (adapted from The Road to Yesterday)


Year Title Words
1908Miss Camille (written for the Lambs)George V. Hobart
19??Songbirds (written for the Lambs)George V. Hobart


Year Title Words
1905Cinderella Man (a play)

  • Out of His Heart He Builds a Home

Edwards Childs Carpenter
1916The Century Girl

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • When Uncle Sam Is Ruler of the Sea

  • The Romping Redheads

  • You Belong to Me

  • The Century Girl

Henry Blossom
1917Zeigfield Follies of 1917

  • Can't You Hear Your Country Calling?

Gene Buck
1919The Dream Song (a play)

  • Farewell

  • Lovelight

Edward Locke
1920Zeigfield Follies of 1920

Gene Buck
1921Zeigfield Follies of 1921

  • In Khorassan

  • Legend of the Golden Tree

  • The Princess of My Dreams

Gene Buck
1922Zeigfield Follies of 1922

  • Weaving My Dreams

Gene Buck
1923Zeigfield Follies of 1923
  • I'd Love to Waltz Through Life With You

  • Lady of the Lantern

  • The Old Fashioned Garden of Mine

Gene Buck
1924The Willow Plate (five numbers from A Chinese Shadowgraph. marionette play by Tony Sarg. For piano.)none

  • Butterfly Ballet



Year Title
1916The Fall of a Nation
which contains the following, separately published:
  • 1916 The Love Theme

  • 1925 Devatation

  • 1925 Entrance of the Heroes

  • 1925 Forebodings (Agitato)

  • 1925 Heart Throbs

  • 1925 Karma (Dramatic Prelude)

  • 1925 Little Italy (Hurdy-Gurdy Characteristic)

  • 1925 Mystic Rider (Dramatic Allegro)

  • 1925 Punch and Judy (Humorous)

  • 1925 The Knight's Tournament

  • 1925 The Rabble

1916A Love Sonnet
1898American Fantasia
1895Belle of Pittsburg March
????Cannibal Dance
????Cosmopolitan March
1925Danse Baroque
1909Excerpts from Old Dutch
(arranged for orchestra by William Christopher O'Hare)
1935Festival March (contains Auld Lang Syne theme)
1895Gate City March
1897Inauguration March
1919Indian Summer
????Ocean Breezes
????Persian Dance
????Persian March
1925Souvenir (Romanze)
1924Suite of Serenades (for Jazz Orchestra, in 4 movements: Spanish, Chinese, Cuban, and Oriental)
1901Suite Romantique, Opus 31 (in 4 movements: Visions; Aubade; Triomphe d'Amour; Fete Nuptial)
????The Jester's Serenade
1940Western Overture
1901Woodland Fancies, Opus 34 (Suite in 4 movements: Morning of the Mountains; Forest Sylphs; Twilight; Autumn Frolics)
1900Yesterthoughts (Arrangement for orchestra, from composition for piano.


Year Title
1910Irish Rhapsody
1900Hero and Leander, Opus 33 (Symphonic poem)
1903Columbus Suite, Opus 35
1938Dramatic Overture
1939Golden Days Overture


Year Title
1912Air de Ballet
1889Serenade for String Orchestra, Opus 12, No. 4


Year Title Composer
????At DawningCharles Wakefield Cadman
????Kamenoi OstrowAnton Rubinstein
????Land of the Sky-Blue WatersCharles Wakefield Cadman
????Love's Dream (Liebestraum)Franz Liszt
????NarcissusEthelbert Nevin
????Scarf DanceCecile Chaminade
????The Cat and the MiceH. Leonard
????The Donkey and the DriverH. Leonard
????The FlattererCecil Chaminade
????The RosaryEthelbert Nevin


Year Title Composer
????Air de BalletCecile Chaminade
????A Music BoxLiadow
????Chant Sans ParolesPeter Tchaikovsky
????ErotikEdvard Grieg
????Gypsy MelodyAntonin Dvorak
????HumoresqueAntonic Dvorak
????Melody in FAntonin Rubinstein
????Organ Offertory in GBabtiste
????Polish MazurkaFrederic Chopin
????Poupee ValsantePoldini
????Sextett from LuciaGaetano Donizetti
????Song Without WordsFelix Mendelsohn
????Spinning SongFelix Mendelsohn
????Quartette from RigolettoVerdi
????To SpringEdvard Grieg
????Valze, Opus 64, No. 1 (D Flat)Frederic Chopin
????WiegenliedJohannes Brahms


Year Title
????American Girl March
1897Baltimore Centennial March
????Defendam March (written for 22nd Engineers, N. Y. G.)
1894Eldorado March
1897Inauguration March
1898President's March (McKinley)
????The Veiled Prophet March
????Three Solitaries (Polka) (for 3 cornets or trumpets with military band accompaniment)
????Twenty-second Regiment March


Year Title
????Alla Mazurka (unpublished)
????Bagatelle (unpublished) (with piano)
1882Concerto, First Violoncello in D Major, Opus 8 (unpublished)
1894Concerto, Second Violoncello in E minor, Opus 30
????La Cinquantaine (by Gabriele-Marie; arr. by Herbert)
1911La Serenata (with piano)
????Legende (unpublished)
1905Pensee Amoureuse
1905Petite Valse
????Polonaise (unpublished)
1885Scherzino (unpublished)
1903Serenade, from Suite, Opus 3 (with piano)
1882Suite, Opus 2 (in 5 movements: Allegro Moderato, Scherzo, Andante, Serenade (Andantino grazioso), Tarantelle)


Year Title
1915A La Valse
1928Canzonetta (an arrangement for violin and piano from Serenade for String Orchestra, Opus 12, No. 4)
????Cavalleria Rusticana (by Pietro Mascagni; arrangement of the Intermezzo)
????Little Red Lark (an arrangement of an old Irish melody)


Year Title
????Air de Ballet (piano arrangement of the orchestral piece)
????Al Fresco
????American Rose Waltz
1921Devotion (A Love Sonnet for the Piano)
1915Estrellita (from the score of The Princess Pat)
1903Fleurette (Waltz)
????Get Together (Fox Trot) (using the pseud. of Nobel MacClure)
1919Indian Summer (An American Idyll)
1900La Coquette (Valze Brilliante)
1900La Ghazel (Improvisation)
1922Marion Davies March
1900Mountain Brook (Imitative)
1900On the Promenade (Morceau)
????On Your Way (One Step) (using the pseud. of Nobel MacClure)
1901Pan Americana (Morceau characteristique) (later orchestrated)
1898President's March [Feb.]
1900Punchinello (Characteristic)
1884Serenade [4 May]
????Under the Elms, Souvenir de Saratoga
????Valse a la Mode (using the pseud. of Nobel MacClure)
????Whispering Willows (Intermezzo)
1916World's Progress March
1900Yesterthoughts (Meditation)


Year Title

(of known dates of publication or composition)

Title Words
Ah! Love Me (Nur du bist's) (Opus 15, No. 3) O. E. Ehlers; English version by Sophie Schneider
Love's Token (Liebesleben) (Opus 15, No. 2) Brunold; English version by Henry Burck
The Silent Rose (Die stille Rose) (Opus 15, No. 1)) Ida von Duringsfeld; English version by Max Bendix
My Heart Is True [Mien Herz ist treu] (Opus 21, No. 2) (for mezzo-soprano)Heinrich Seidel; Eng. trans. by F. Fluck
Under an Oak (Song for Bass) (from the Comic Opera Prince Ananias) Francis Neilson
When I Was Born I Weighed Ten Stone (Duo and Chorus) (from the Comic Opera Prince Ananias) Francis Neilson
In Dreamland (Soprano or Tenor) (from The Wizard of the Nile) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Jenny's Baby John Earnest McCann
Me and Nancy John Ernest McCann
What Is Love?
(No. 7 Duet (Kibosh and Cleopatra) of Act 1 from the Comic Opera The Wizard of the Nile)
Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Fairy Tales (Waltz Song) (from The Idol's Eye) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
I Envy the Bird (Romance) (No. 21 from The Idol's Eye) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
The Secret (Opus 14) James Russell Lowell
The Tattooed Man (Abel and Chorus) (from The Idol's Eye Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Gypsy Love Song
(Slumber on, my little gypsy sweetheart)
(from The Fortune Teller, a Comic Opera in 3 Acts)
Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Mary's Lamb (written for 1898 Lamb's Gambol) Edware E. Kidder
The Serenades of All Nations (from The Fortune Teller, a Comic Opera in 3 Acts) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Hear Me (from The Viceroy, a Comic Opera in 3 Acts) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
We'll Catch You at Last, Tivolini (from The Viceroy, a Comic Opera in 3 Acts) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Barney O'Flynn (from Babes in Toyland) Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
I Can't Do the Sum (from Babes in Toyland) Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
Toyland [13 May](from Babes in Toyland) Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
March of the Toys (from Babes in Toyland) n/a
If I Were on the Stage (Kiss Me Again) (from the operetta Mlle. Modiste) Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
When the Cat's Away The Mice Will Play (from the operetta Mlle. Modiste) Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Moonbeams (from the operetta The Red Mill) Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
The Streets of New York (from the operetta The Red Mill) Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Love Laid His Sleepless Head A. G. Swinbourne
The Friars' Song Charles Emerson Cook
Ask Her While the Band Is Playing (from the operetta The Rose of Algeria) Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
Love Is Like a Cigarette (from the operetta The Rose of Algeria) Glen MacDonough, 1870-1924
Won't You Be My Valentine? (from the operetta Little Nemo) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (The Dream Melody) [24 Nov.] (from the operetta Naughty Marietta) Rida Johnson Young, 1869-1926
I'm Falling in Love with Some One (from the operetta Naughty Marietta) Rida Johnson Young, 1869-1926
Italian Street Song (from the operetta Naughty Marietta) Rida Johnson Young, 1869-1926
Naughty Marietta (from the operetta Naughty Marietta) Rida Johnson Young, 1869-1926
'Neath the Southern Moon (from the operetta Naughty Marietta) Rida Johnson Young, 1869-1926
To the Land of My Own Romance (from the operetta The Enchantress) Harry Bache Smith, 1860-1936
Love's Hour Rida Johnson Young
Sweethearts (from the operetta Sweethearts) Robert Bache Smith, 1875-1951
If Love Were What the Rose Is A. G. Swinbourne
The Love of the Lorelei (from the Comic Opera The Debutante) Robert Bache Smith, 1875-1951
When You're Away (from the musical The Only Girl) Henry Blossom, 1866-1919
Remembrance Carl Weitbrecht; English translation by Fanny Lover Schmid
Sweet Harp of the Days (dedicated to John McCormack) Samuel Lover
An Easter Dawn (Sacred Song) Glen MacDonough
I Might Be Your "Once-in-a-While" (from the musical Angel Face) Robert Bache Smith, 1875-1951
Molly (An Irish Love Song dedicated to John McCormack) Rida Johnson Young
My Day Has Come Irving Ceasar
Equity Star Grant Stewart
A Kiss in the Dark (from the operetta Orange Blossoms) B. G. DySylva
Dream On (Indian Lullaby) B. G. DySylva
Lora Lee Joseph J. C. Clark
Mary Came Over to Me Irving Ceasar
When Knighthood Was in Flower William LeBaron
God Spare the Emerald Isle William Jerome
Little Old New York William LeBaron
Heart o'Mine Lawrence Eyre
Give Your Heart in June-time Grey & Atteridge
I Want to Be a Good Lamb George V. Hobart

(of unknown dates of publication or composition)

Title Words
A Maiden Went into the Field Alone (Opus 18) (for mezzo-soprano)????
Confession (also with orchestral accompaniment)????
Flower of My Heart (Opus 4)????
Fly Away, Little Bird (Opus 18)????
Fowling (Opus 10) (from Wanderer's Songs)Rudolf von Baumbach
If You But Knew (Opus 15) (for mezzo-soprano)????
I Love You (Opus 14)????
Longing for Home (Heimweh) (for Alto)????
Love Song (for Alto)????
Love's Life (Opus 15)????
Love's OracleEdward Peple
Our Ireland Shall Be Free (four-part song)F. J. Rooney
Only You (Opus 15)????
Peace (Frieden) (for Alto)????
Spring Song (Opus 14)????
The Faded Rose (Opus 15)????
The First Kiss (Opus 13)????
The Innkeeper's Daughter (Opus 10) (from Wanderer's Songs)Rudolf von Baumbach
To Thee, My Queen of Beauty (Opus 5) (for male quartet)????


Year Title Words
1918Call to Freedom (aka God Shall Guide Us, as arr. by Rob Roy Perry, 1940)Victor Herbert
????Christ Is RisenVictor Herbert
1898Columbia Anthem (unison chorus with piano, later arr. by Herbert for orchestra and band)Clay M. Greene
????Eventide (Opus 20) (for male chorus) (from Wanderer's Songs)Rudolf von Baumbach
1915O'Donnell Aboo! (arr. for chorus of men's voices of the air Roderich Vich Alpine dhu, the Clanconnel War Song, A.D. 1597)M. J. McCann
1916Orange, White and Blue (Written for ceremonies in 1916, in commemoration if the landing of the first Dutch settlers on Manhattan Island, May 4, 1626. The orange, white and blue flag of this Dutch colony was raised at Battery Park.)John R. Pine
1913The Cruiskeen Lawn (arr. of an old Irish air for men's voice's, a capella) (dedicated to the Mendelsohn Glee Club, N. Y.)anon.
1913The Hail of the Friendly Sons (for men's voices, a cappella)Joseph I. C. Clarke
1914The New Ireland (for men's voices, a cappella)Joseph I. C. Clarke
1897The Sunken City (Opus 20, No. 1) (for men's voices, a cappella)Rudolf von Baumbach; English version by Dr. Thomas Baker
1915Widow Machree (by Samuel Lover; arr. by Herbert) (for men's voices, a cappella)Samuel Lover


Year Title Words
1915 The Captive (Opus 25) (for soprano solo, baritone solo, chorus and orchestra) [written for the Worchester, Mass., Festival, September, 1891] Rudolf von Baumbach; English version by George Harris, Jr.

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