Music Theory

The following files are the results of my various interests in music theory. I will add more as I get them converted to e-text (or scanned). Many of these are related to the writings of Joseph Schillinger which I have found to be continuing resources of inspiration especially in the application of "resultants of interference" in a tremendous variety of ways. All files are (*.TXT) text files unless otherwise indicated, such as for ZIP, GIF or PDF.

  1. 12-Tone Scale Tuning Temperaments
  2. International Scales
  3. A ZIP archive of the 1922 Scales for Any Root within the 12-tone System
  4. Basic Forms of Regularity and Coordinations [ZIP archive]
  5. Harmonic Chord Cycles [ZIP archive]
  6. Scale/Chord Parameters
  7. General Scalar Families
  8. Palindromic Scales
  9. Scale Expansion Sequences
  10. General Chord Voicing Combinbations
  11. Generic 9th-13th Chord Forms for Guitar
  12. Chord Substitution Guidelines
  13. Musical Clef Signs [GIF image]
  14. Three Proposed Percussion Notations (for General MIDI Level 1) []PDF file]
  15. General MIDI Level 2 Percussion Maps for the "extra" Lo (27-34) and Hi (82-88) Drum Notes [PDF file]
  16. MIDI Playback Definitions for Articulations and Expressions [GIF image]
  17. The 26 Essential Drum Rudiments" [PDF file]
  18. Morse Code Music Characters (for Snare Drum)" [PDF file]
  19. Time Signature Conversions [PDF file]
  20. Harmonic Transition Preferences [PDF file]
  21. Integer Harmonic Ratios of ANGLES [PDF file]
  22. Simplified Notation Support of Tuple Meters (PDF file)
  23. Primary Chord Resolutions (PDF file)
  24. MidiTzer Style 260SP Default MIDI Configuration [PDF File]
  25. Finale 2012 Template Score for MidiTzer Style 260SP Setup [PDF File]
  26. Alternate Tunings for the Roland VG-99 [PDF File]
  27. Pure Cyclic Chord Progressions [PDF File]
  28. Voicings of a C Major Chord (Applied to Different Tunings for String Instruments) [PDF File]
  29. Swing Blues Bass Patterns [PDF File]
  30. Staff Page Rastral Sized Templates.pdf [PDF File]
  31. Guitar Chord Grids [PDF File]

Of particular interest to me are the subjects of musical tuning systems and scales, and algorithmic music composition among which are the following links.

  1. Lucy Scale Development (tuning system based on the theories of John Harrison and developed by Charles Lucy)
  2. Pitch Pallete (realtime tuning control)
  3. Koan Pro (an interactive audio and music generative authoring system)
  4. Symbolic Composer (a Lisp based music programming environment)
  5. ArtWonk [or MusicWonk] (an icon based music programming environment)
  6. Band-in-a-Box Pro (an auto-accompaniment program with user definable styles)
  7. The Jammer Professional (an auto-accompaniment program with user definable styles)

For more info on the Schillinger System of Musical Composition, visit: The Schillinger School of Music.

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