The Writings of
Joseph Moiseyevich Schillinger

(b. Kharkov, Russia, 31 Aug 1895;
d. New York, 23 Mar 1943)

Cover of Volume I of "The Schillinger System of Musical Composition." (1941,2,6; reprinted by Da Capo Press in 1978) Title Page of The Mathematical Basic of the Arts (1948) from Da Capa Reprint (1976)

The writings of Joseph Moiseyevich Schillinger (1895-1943) have long fascinated me since my first exposure to them in 1975. As his books are currently hard to obtain, the following info on the collection of his books, and his wife's memoir of him, all of which I have, will hopefully give enough information to help learn more about them and stimulate interest for those unfamiliar with them as to their general contents.

Book Table of Contents Year Publisher ISBN or other
The Schillinger System of Musical Composition (Volume I: Books I-VII) [pages ix-xxiv, 1-878] Overture to the Schillinger System by Henry Cowell 1941 Carl Fischer, Inc. 03359-A
Introduction by Arnold Shaw and Lyle Dowling 1978 Da Capo Press 0-306-77521-2
Book I: Theory of Rhythm 2004 Clock & Rose Press (2nd Edition) 1593860285
Book II: Theory of Pitch-Scales      
Book III: Variations of Music by Means of Geometrical Projection      
Book IV: Theory of Melody      
Book V: Special Theory of Harmony      
Book VI: The Correlation of Harmony and Melody      
Book VII: Theory of Counterpoint      
The Schillinger System of Musical Composition (Volume II: Books VIII-XII) [pages 881-1640] Book VIII: Instrumental Forms 1941 Carl Fischer, Inc. 03359 B
Book IX: General Theory of Harmony (Strata Harmony) 1978 Da Capo Press 0-306-77522-0
Book X: Evolution of Pitch-Families (Style) 2004 Clock & Rose Press (2nd Edition) 1593860285
Book XI: Theory of Composition      
Book XII: Theory of Orchestration      
Glossary of Terms compiled by Lyle Dowling and Arnold Shaw      
The Mathematical Basis of the Arts [pages vi-x, 3-696] Part One: Science and Esthetics 1948 Carl Ficher, Inc.  
Part Two: Theory of Regularity and Coordination 1976 Da Capo Press 0-306-70781-0
Part Three: Technology of Art Production      
Appendix A: Basic Forms of Regularity and Coordination      
Appendix B: Relative Dimensions      
Appendix: C: New Art Forms      
Appendix D: Poetry and Prose      
Appendix E: Projects      
Glossary (Compiled by Arnold Shaw)      
Kaleidophone: Pitch Scales in Relation to Chord Structures [pages 3-80] Author's Preface 1940, 1967 Charles Colin N/A [$3.50]
Biographical Outline      
How to Use the Kaleidophone      
Table I: Serial Development of Pitch Scales in Relation to Chord Strucures      
Table II: Families of Chord Structures      
Index of Chords and Scales      
Encyclopedia of Rhythms: Instrumental Forms of Harmony - a massive collection of rhythm patterns (evolved according to the Schillinger theory of interference) arranged in instrumental form [pages A-W, 4-250] [Bio] Joseph Schillinger 1966 Charles Colin  
A Note to the Teacher and Student by Arnold Shaw 1976 Da Capo Press 0-306-70782-9
Supplementary and Explanatory Key to Part I by Charles Colin      
Supplementary and Explanatory Key to Part II by Charles Colin      
Part I: Rhythmic Resultants to Instrumental Forms of Harmony      
Part II: Analyzing Rhythmic Resultants with Fractioning      
Joseph Schillinger: A Memoir by Frances Schillinger [pages vii-viii, 1-224] Preface + 12 Chapters 1949 Greenburg  
  1976 Da Capo Press 0-306-70780-2

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